TRIO and Academic Services

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Crawford (chair), Driscoll, Johnson, Sealy, Seelye


The Department of Academic Development Services operates three grant-funded programs: Federal TRIO Student Support Services, Federal TRIO Upward Bound Fayette County and Federal TRIO Upward Bound Greene County. These programs help students enter and graduate from college.


Faculty teach EDU 110, Critical Thinking and Reading; XCP 194 Career Planning; and UNI 100, First-Year Seminar.

Counselors provide educational and career counseling and academic advisement. New program students are interviewed and receive an orientation and academic plan. Counselors help students select and register for courses; monitor each student's academic performance; and provide students with information concerning academic resources, policies, procedures and practices. Program students may also be eligible for a nonpunitive grading option.

Tutoring is provided for most entry-level courses. Tutors review lecture notes, check and review the student's knowledge of textbook and course materials, and provide individual and group study sessions. Supplemental instruction is also offered in selected courses.

The Department of Academic Development Services is located on the fourth floor of the Manderino Library. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and weekends and evenings by appointment. For services or information, stop at the office or call 724-938-4230.