The Eberly College of Science and Technology

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The Eberly College of Science and Technology includes the departments of:

  • Applied Engineering and Technology
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Nursing

The college offers certificates, minors and associate and bachelor's degree programs designed to prepare students to meet present and future requirements of specific professions and/or to undertake further study in graduate and professional schools.

Each curriculum in the Eberly College includes both a General Education and a professional education component. The General Education component ensures that students will receive a well-rounded education; such breadth of knowledge will increase their usefulness as professional employees and as citizens in the community. The professional component includes the necessary technical, scientific, business and/or support courses to provide the basis for immediate employment or advanced study in a professional area. Classroom theory is frequently supplemented by laboratory and workshop experiences where the interrelationship between general principles and application is emphasized. Additionally, several programs provide students with opportunities to participate in either an internship in business or industry or a clinical year of study in a hospital setting where the students' educational experiences are utilized in the workplace. Many of the programs have received, or are in the process of pursuing, national or international accreditation.