The College of Liberal Arts

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The College of Liberal Arts is composed of the departments of Art and Languages; Communication, Design and Culture; Criminal Justice; English; History, Politics and Society; Music and Theatre; and Psychology. These departments offer a diverse array of major and minor programs of study. A broad general education course of study, based on the liberal arts, encourages students to explore a variety of course offerings and to become aware of the ways many different disciplines understand and view the world.

The liberal arts are concerned with human values and social issues. They depend on the ability to think analytically, to understand other cultures and their history, as well as our own, and to appreciate artistic responses to our world. Liberal arts disciplines enrich life by giving it greater meaning and by enabling people to adapt to changing employment, personal and social demands. Many programs offer internship opportunities that allow students to gain professional experience and apply classroom knowledge to the world of work.

Students should select a major by the end of the third regular semester or upon the completion of 45 credit-hours. This does not prohibit students from changing their major later in their careers; however, they will have difficulty completing requirements within eight semesters if they change majors after three semesters. Students who do not wish to pursue a single discipline or course of study have program options in liberal studies, humanities and social sciences. The curriculum in each is flexible and permits interdisciplinary study.