2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Academic Support Programs and Services

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Four-Year Graduation Plan

The Four-Year Graduation Plan (FYGP) is a commitment to help students stay on track and earn their undergraduate degree in four years. The no-cost program helps students set academic goals, create clear academic plans and stay on their path by following program guidelines and requirements. The plan provides eligible students with a unique combination of advising, priority course scheduling and individual attention, which helps students graduate in four years.

Eligible students will be automatically enrolled after attending a New Student Orientation. During the fall semester, students must attend one mandatory meeting, in which an FYGP contract is completed and signed. Exploratory Studies students must declare a major by the last day of their first semester to maintain eligibility and enrollment in the program. The Four-Year Graduation Plan reinforces Cal U’s commitment to student success.


Starfish is an online software tool that provides students with a central location to connect to the people and services that can help students stay on the path to success. Students can access the Starfish system via the Vulcan Information Portal (VIP) and click the Starfish link. Starfish will automatically provide students with connections to current instructors, advisers and campus services.

If students have a question or need help, they can “Raise your Hand” in Starfish. The mobile-friendly tool helps faculty, staff and other Cal U community members support students when help is needed. Examples include, but are not limited to, how to schedule classes, identifying an academic adviser, checking faculty office hours and so much more. 

Success Center in Noss Hall

The Success Center in Noss Hall is a centralized campus academic resource for all students, offering students the opportunity to be engaged and competent learners by providing a path to develop and strengthen academic skills for success. Cal U proudly provides a wide range of student support services, one-on-one training, workshops and academic resources that can be tailored to meet individual student needs.

Support for Success

Support for Success (S4S) is designed for new students identified as those who would benefit from academic support from the very start. Students are notified of their participation through their acceptance letter from Cal U. During the summer, students receive additional information about the program and meet with their Success Center leaders. Throughout the fall semester, students meet with their Success Center leaders and attend workshops to strengthen areas including, but not limited to, proper note taking, the development of study skills, and strengthening writing and speaking skills.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help new students with their transition into Cal U. The program assigns first-semester freshmen and transfer students with current students who have volunteered to be peer mentors. Students are often asked to complete a profile and are matched with current students based on hometown, interests, activities and primarily major of study. The peer mentor serves as a support and resource person who provides information, encouragement and guidance during the student’s first year at Cal U. For more information on peer mentoring, contact mentoring@calu.edu.

Vulcan Learning Commons

The Vulcan Learning Commons (VLC) is available to all students. Even the highest-achieving students may need academic assistance at some time during college. The Writing Center, STEM Lab, Reading Clinic and Tutoring Center offer no-cost assistance designed to help students perform at their academic best. Trained peer tutors assist students in most curriculum areas. The VLC can be found on the first floor of Noss Hall.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a nontraditional tutoring method that emphasizes teamwork, group study and engagement to help students succeed in "traditionally challenging" courses. SI is a free program that is available to all students. Students who take part in SI learn both how to learn and what to learn.