Exploratory Studies

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Exploratory Studies is a major for students who are investigating career options before selecting a major program of study. The Office of Academic Success and the Office of Career and Professional Development work collaboratively to assist students in discovering a career path that best fits their individual values and interests. Whether working with an academic counselor to identify courses that may align with a potential career or meeting with a career coach to discuss various occupations, students are supported through the decision process.

Additionally, students in First-Year Seminar explore career options through the use of the FOCUS 2 Career Assessment and the development of Career Advantage Plans offered by the CPDC. A special course, XCP 194 (Career Planning) is offered to assist students in confirming and/or clarifying career objectives.

Moreover, the Office of Career and Professional Development is an integral resource for students with questions about their majors, the types of careers in specific majors, the future availability of jobs in an area or simply what they want to do in life.