First-Year Experience

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First-Year Seminar and Introduction to University Studies

First-Year Seminar and Introduction to University Studies provide the foundation for learning how to achieve academic success in college. These courses introduce topics that will enhance students’ overall college experience, including time management, career exploration, library resources and extra-curricular opportunities. Students also learn to develop and apply essential academic success skills and enhance critical thinking and communication skills. Overall, these courses are the first steps to student academic success.

First-Year Seminar and Intro to University Studies are each one-credit courses that all first-year students are required to complete as a component of the General Education menu. Transfer students are not required to complete either of these courses if they transfer an equivalent course, or transfer a total of 24 or more credits. Transfer students wishing to enroll in either of these courses should contact the Office of Academic Success at 724-938-1523.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities provide a sense of unity for incoming students. First-semester students in academic learning communities are enrolled in several courses together as a cohort. Relationships and bonds are formed in these groups and help new students improve their academic performance and forge friendships.