Academic Scheduling and Placement Testing Center

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Scheduling Center

The Scheduling Center, located in Noss 210/211, coordinates schedule development for all first-time and transfer students and registration in developmental courses and monitors successful completion of work. The Scheduling Center also serves students who have not declared a major. The Academic Scheduling Center does not replace faculty advising, but helps to coordinate and supplement a student’s academic experience.

Placement Testing Center

The Placement Testing Center ensures that students begin with courses that meet their academic needs. Students’ SAT or ACT scores (or transfer credits) will determine whether they are required to take a placement test. The Center serves to coordinate placement testing to determine students’ level of ability in mathematics and writing. Students who do not submit SAT/ACT scores or transfer credits must take placement tests. The Center also provides retesting opportunities for students after waiting a period of time.

Students who do not achieve predetermined scores on these tests must enroll in appropriate developmental courses, such as ENG 100 (English Language Skills) and DMA 092 (Introductory Algebra). Because these developmental courses are preparatory to a university academic experience, the credits awarded do not count toward the fulfillment of the number of credits for graduation, nor may they be used in fulfillment of General Education requirements. However, the grades achieved in these courses are used in establishing a student’s grade point average, class standing, eligibility for financial aid and eligibility for participation in co-curricular activities. Moreover, students who do well in preparatory courses also do well in college-level classes.

The University offers the opportunity to earn undergraduate credit through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). The CLEP Program is comprised of General and Subject Examinations. The General Examinations are a series of tests in separate areas: English Composition, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences/History.

The Subject Examinations comprehensively test a single subject, such as General Psychology, Microeconomics, etc. A student who passes one of these examinations is awarded credit for a comparable course at the University.

The DSST Program offers over 30 different examinations on a single subject, such as Principles of Statistics and Fundamentals of College Algebra. A student who passes one of these examinations is awarded credit for a comparable course at the University.

The CLEP and DSST Programs are administered by the Placement Testing Center. A maximum of 30credits can be earned through CLEP and/or DSST. In addition to the test fee, there is a one-time fee for evaluation and recording of the examination results on a student’s transcript. For additional information, please call 724-938-5779.