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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) allows students to receive academic credit for learning acquired through qualifying life experiences when they meet the goals of a particular Cal U course. Qualifying experiences may include:

  • Work or military training.
  • Personal educational growth.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Independent certifications and/or credentials.

Credit is awarded when a student is able to demonstrate transferable learning or knowledge that can be applied to new or different situations. Contact the Office of Academic Success at for further information and forms.

The Student Ombudsperson is available to students who need information, general assistance or advocacy and/or who encounter difficulties with processes, procedures or people on campus. Established means of dealing with such concerns are used (i.e., students are informed of the appropriate processes or procedures to follow and are expected to follow proper guidelines). The Office of Academic Success monitors the concern(s) and becomes directly involved only if established means do not resolve the issue(s).