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FIT100 - Introduction to Fitness

This course is an introductory overview of fitness and the fitness industry. Students will be exposed to current practices within the fitness industry. Students will also gain an understanding of wellness and the wellness lifestyle. This course serves as a prerequisite for all courses within the curriculum. (3 crs.)

FIT125 - Fundamentals of Speed Training

This course is designed to provide students content related to the ever-growing specialization in speed training. Students will be exposed to content from the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE), and at the close of the course will be prepared to sit for their certification to become a Speed and Explosion Specialist. All aspects of speed training will be explored, including mechanics, training, and program design. The course will provide an entry-level understanding of biomechanics and exercise physiology as they pertain to improving athletic performance. Additionally, practical applications will be presented pertaining to proper warm up procedures, drills and exercises and sample programs that can be immediately applied upon completion of the course. (3 crs.)

FIT250 - Current Topics and Strategies for Youth Fitness

This course will focus on developing the skills that will benefit individuals who are ages 6-18 by providing knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain fitness. Students will be exposed to topics that impact this population, including skill development, long-term impact of the sedentary lifestyle and the development of a healthy lifestyle. Special emphasis will be placed on specific training regimens, current fitness trends for today's youth, and program development. (3 crs.)

FIT300 - Business Aspects of Fitness

A comprehensive discussion of the pragmatic approach to conducting business in the fitness industry. The course focuses on key elements within the business structure, including marketing, facility management, accounting, budgeting, change management and the creation of additional profit centers. Additionally, students will identify key partners in running a successful business. (3 crs.)

FIT305 - Motivation in Wellness and Fitness

The art of motivating people to begin and/or maintain physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is a challenging style that fitness professionals must develop. This course is designed to allow students to implement strategies to motivate clients to begin and/or maintain wellness and fitness lifestyles. Motivational concepts like creating habits, setting goals, creating self confidence through positive self talk and attitude, and creating an encouraging fitness environment are all discussed. (3 crs.)

FIT325 - Integrated Personal Fitness Training

A comprehensive view of personal fitness training with a focus on assessment and developing customized fitness programs. The course will orient the student to the basics of the revolutionary exercise programming strategies of the Optimum Performance Training™ model. (3 crs.)

FIT335 - Integrated Personal Fitness Program Design

This course will introduce the revolutionary exercise programming strategies of the Optimum Performance Training™ model specifically for the fitness and wellness professional. The student will receive a detailed insight into designing safe and effective exercise programs for any personal training client. This course is linked to FIT 325.

FIT350 - Fitness for Special Populations

An in-depth analysis of the fitness needs of individuals from special populations. Particular attention will be placed on legislative initiatives and their effect on fitness professionals and the individuals with special needs whom they serve. (3 crs.)

FIT380 - Wellness and Fitness for the Aging Population

This course will focus on developing the skills that will assist individuals who are aging by providing knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain fitness. Students will be exposed to special topics impacting this population. Special emphasis will be placed on adapting activities and strategies for leading groups. (3 crs.)

FIT400 - Integrated Sport Performance Training

This course offers a comprehensive discussion of functional anatomy, functional biomechanics, and motor learning as it is related to functional rehabilitation and athletic reconditioning. The student will be introduced to integrated, functional training techniques including core, balance, plyometrics, integrated flexibility, integrated strength, speed training, nutrition and sports psychology. The student will also be taught a comprehensive kinetic chain assessment to determine myokinematic, arthrokinematic, and neuromuscular deficits. After completing this course, students will be eligible to sit for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Examination for Performance Enhancement Specialist certification.

FIT401 - Leadership Concepts and Actions in Wellness and Fitness

Leadership is always an action, and sometimes a position. This course will guide students to learn about leadership styles, concepts and actions. Building upon the leadership concepts presented, students will be challenged to identify and further develop personal leadership traits, philosophy, vision and skills. Students will be asked to reflect on different leadership scenarios including ethical, conflict resolution, and team building situations found within the fitness and wellness industry. (3 crs.)

FIT405 - Wellness Seminar I

This course examines current trends in wellness and prevention across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan. Traditional and nontraditional approaches are considered. (3 crs.)

FIT410 - Wellness Seminar II

This course is designed as a continuation of Wellness Seminar I. A major focus of the course will be the continued adoption and adaptation of the wellness lifestyle. Students will be required to complete a community/service learning project as a culminating activity in the course/program. (3 crs.)

FIT420 - Trends and Issues in Fitness

An analysis of professional fitness trends as well as preventative care health issues from historical, contemporary and futuristic viewpoints with implications for professional fitness practice in the health and wellness delivery system. (3 crs.)

FIT425 - Evaluating Research in Fitness and Wellness

This course is designed to teach students to become knowledgeable consumers of research in order to keep current as a professional in the fitness and wellness industry. Emphasis is placed on developing library research skills and critically analyzing research. This course is a writing-intensive course.

FIT430 - Applications in Fitness and Wellness Research

This course is a continuation of FIT 425 whereas the student will blend the compiled information of the aforementioned course and apply it to complete the objectives as noted above. Continued emphasis is placed on developing library research skills, critically analyzing research, and becoming a knowledgeable consumer of research to stay current as a fitness and wellness professional. Different types of research, particularly descriptive and experimental, are presented. Further, this course is a writing-intensive course.

FIT450 - Advanced Techniques Endurance Training

This course is designed to provide students with a greater understanding of endurance training. Students will further explore human exercise physiology as it relates to endurance activities. Emphasis will be placed on nutrition, energy systems/expenditure and management of acute training variables. Prerequisite: HSC 325 (3 crs.)