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GET101 - Introduction to Engineering Technology

This course is the first course in the engineering technology core and is intended to introduce incoming freshmen to engineering technology. It will introduce the student to the various field of engineering technology study and present an overview of a career in engineering technology. The course will focus on the fundamental principles that cross the boundaries of engineering technology curricula and will demonstrate how mathematics and physical sciences are integrated into solutions of problems. This course will also introduce the student to computer aided drafting. (3 crs.)

GET130 - Introduction to Engineering Technology

This course covers engineering technology fields such as computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical, mechatronics and robotics and their relation in sharing a set of common foundation concepts and skills. The intent of this course is to introduce the beginning engineering technology student to the world of engineering technology. Included topics for this course: survey of engineering technology fields and sample problems, case studies, terminology and units of measurement, problem solving/decision making, design processes, data collection and interpretation, technical calculator usage, drawing concepts, fabrication/prototyping basics, communication skills, and team work. Through a series of hands-on projects, the student will also be introduced to a number of modern software tools as used in various engineering technology fields. Two-hours lecture and three-hours lab. (3 crs.) Fall or spring.