HSC-Health Science

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HSC110 - Anatomy and Physiology I

This course entails the study of the structures and functions of the human body. The course takes a systematic, level of complexity approach, beginning on the sub-cellular level and progressing to the study of entire organ systems. Specific systems that are studied include the integumentary, cardiovascular, lymphatic, gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, and reproductive.

HSC115 - Current Health Issues

Current Health Issues is a course designed to convey information concerning the individual's role in establishing a healthful lifestyle as well as encouraging prevention of disease and a focus on healthful living. The basic themes from the text include personal responsibility, a commitment to prevention, practical applications of knowledge, and a focus on behavioral change. (3 crs.)

HSC120 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II With Lab

This course, a continuation of Human Anatomy and Physiology I, entails the study of the structures and neuromuscular functions of the human body. The course takes a systematic approach to the study of the anatomy and physiology of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves. Laboratory experiences reinforce the didactic portion with prosected human cadavers, human skeletons, and a variety of anatomical models.

HSC250 - Health and Physical Education Methods for Pre-K-Grade 4

This course is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) guidelines for the PreK - grade 4 certification program. Topics covered include understanding children's health and physical activity needs, integrating physical activity and academics, fitness, nutrition, and safety during activity and in the environment. More specifically, the Pennsylvania state and national standards for health and physical activity for grades Pre K–4 will be addressed and applied in a dynamic learning environment. (3 crs.)

HSC275 - Functional Kinesiology

The biomechanics of motor performance. Prepares students to analyze movement in order to teach, correct or improve human performance. Prerequisite: HSC 110 and HSC 120. (3 crs.) Fall.

HSC290 - Therapeutic Modalities

The course entails the study of mechanisms of pain management and mediation, and the theory and practice of therapeutic modalities including, but not limited to, superficial heat, cold electrotherapy, compression traction and massage. The student will be able to explain the theory behind the use of electromagnetic and acoustic modalities and demonstrate the proper application of therapeutic modalities.

HSC300 - Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Prepares students to become certified as emergency medical technicians. Emphasis is placed on the care and treatment of the ill or injured in a variety of emergency situations. Prerequisite: Age 16. (4 crs.) Fall.

HSC315 - First Aid and Personal Safety

First Aid and Personal Safety is a course designed to convey information to understand the cause-effect, prevention and treatment of emergency situations. This course is recommended to all students, especially students in the teacher education program. Two year certification if offered by the American Heart Association. (3 crs.)

HSC325 - Physiology of Exercise

The course covers the scientific theories and principles underlying strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, training and conditioning in human movement. Prerequisite: HSC 110 and HSC 120. (3 crs.) Spring.