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SPT100 - Introduction to Sport Management

An introduction to basic skills and competencies required to successfully manage in the sport management industry, the course utilizes general management theory and principles that make direct application to the sport management field. (3 crs.) Spring and fall.

SPT105 - Fundamentals of Student Athlete Recruiting

This course has been designed as a Web-based offering for the high school principal, counselor, coach, or those seeking a future career in related fields, and for parents of student athletes who desire to compete at the collegiate level. This course outlines the various methods students use in an attempt to get an athletic scholarship, federal and state financial aid, as well as NCAA, NAIA, and junior college requirements for competition. The class also includes specific strategies that student athletes must learn in order to achieve success in their college experience, such as the knowledge of nutrition, goal setting, as well as pitfalls of the incoming freshman adjusting to college life as an athlete. (3 crs.) Fall, spring, summer, intersession.

SPT199 - Practicum in Sport Management

A supervised observational/work experience in a sport administration and management cognate (administration, aquatics, promotion, marketing, directing, fitness). The professor must approve the practicum experience in advance. This course consists of a minimum of 70 hours of work experience.

SPT300 - Psychology of Sport

This course is designed to cover diverse concepts associated with formal recreational or sport activity. These include, but are not limited to, motor skill learning, coaching characteristics and techniques, nervous system correlates of athletic activity, research on relaxation, imagery and cognitive techniques, and peak athletic performance. (3 crs.) Spring.

SPT305 - Ethics in Sport Management

This course will provide background in ethical theory to sport. Ethical problems, dilemmas and conflicts in sport will be discussed, as well as coaching practices, funding practices, management problems and social (cultural) roles. At the completion of this course, the student should be able to practice applying these ethical theories to typical problems in the world of sport. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT310 - Sport Marketing

A study of basic marketing science as it applies to all realms of the sport industry, this fundamental course is intended to give students the depth and breadth of marketing principles and practices as they apply to the sport industry. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT311 - Sales Techniques in the Sport Industry

The sport industry requires students who are trained in all aspects of sport business, including the critical area of sport sales. This course will provide practical professional sales techniques and philosophies utilized in several areas of sport including personal selling, ticket sales and sponsorships. Subsequently, the dynamics associated with building and fostering relationships necessary for consumer loyalty and a vibrant sport organization will be thoroughly examined. Prerequisite: SPT 310 (3 crs.)

SPT315 - Facility and Event Management

This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge of the facility planning process, as well as how to manage specific sport facilities and the events staged in these facilities. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT320 - Administration of Intercollegiate Athletic Programs

This course reviews the many administrative tasks an athletic administrator encounters in the administration of an intercollegiate athletic program and department. The course is designed for students majoring in sport management studies, business administration, or students who might be interested in a career in athletic administration at the collegiate level. (3 crs.) Fall, spring.

SPT325 - Sport and Society

An examination of sport as a social institution in America. Students will address controversies and issues regarding the development of sport at all levels of formality and organization. Sport as a social institution will be analyzed from the primary theoretical orientations of the discipline, namely the functionalist, interactionist and conflict approaches. (3 crs.)

SPT340 - Historical Perspective-Sport

This course presents sport as a pervasive facet of our popular culture, as a social institution, as an arena of human activity, as drama, even spectacle. The course emphasizes the history of sport as a study of cultural values and value conflict, and also examines the relationship of sport to social change throughout American history. It investigates, among other things, the literature of sport, the economics of sport, and the influence of modern sport on our language, politics, religion and education. (3 crs.)

SPT360 - Sports Communication

An examination of the interrelationship between sports and media in today's society. This course draws on theories of rhetoric and social criticism by examining the media's role in telling the story of sports and, in telling that story, shaping and reinforcing cultural values. The course will utilize various broadcasts and print, and electronic media to examine how they are vital to the success of the sport organization. (3 crs.)

SPT400 - Legal Aspects of Sport

To enhance the student's knowledge about the legal system as it pertains to sport law, this course covers basic legal concepts concerning both contract law and tort law in sport to provide the student a sound foundation so that the student will be better able to recognize legal liability exposure in the sport workplace. (3 crs.) Spring.

SPT405 - Finance and Economics of Sport

Designed to provide a detailed examination of the relationship between sport finance, economic and corporate sponsorship in sport. Topics covered will include the theoretical premise of sponsorship, alignment marketing, strategic communication through sponsorship and fundraising, and determining the value of an organization and its activities, as well as the evaluation of sponsorship activities. Perspectives from the event holder (i.e., property) offering a sponsorship and from the organization functioning as the sponsor will be considered. This course is an analysis of how economic models are used to measure the impact of sport on various economies. (3 crs.)

SPT410 - Governance in Sport

This course is a study of the growth and development of sport throughout the world, as well as how the governing bodies involved affect the structure, organization and delivery of sport. (3 crs.) Spring.

SPT415 - Sport Finance

This course is a study of how sport organizations develop financial strategies and utilize financial indicators in developing organizational strategic plans. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT420 - Economics of Sport

This course focuses on analysis of how economic models are used to measure the impact of sport on various economies. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT425 - Organization and Administration of Sport

This course is a study of the application of organizational theory to the understanding and management of sport organizations. (3 crs.) Spring.

SPT430 - Sport Management Senior Seminar

This course provides the student with a basic understanding of the developments, trends and social processes that explain the widely popular sporting experience of society today. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPT499 - Internship in Sport Management

This course is the sport management student's capstone experience. Students will be assigned to an internship site based on their unique educational needs and experience. Internship students will work directly with sport management professionals in one or more work settings. (12 crs.) Spring and summer.