UNI-Co Curricular Activities

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UNI093 - G0-GR Tentative Schedule

Used by Calu GO for tracking purposes.

UNI094 - GO-GR Schedule Confirmed

Used by Calu GO for tracking purposes.

UNI098 - Tentative Schedule

Used by Student Success for tracking purposes

UNI099 - Schedule Confirmation

Used by Student Success for tracking

UNI100 - First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar helps students to achieve their educational goals through the utilization of a full range of institutional and community resources. (1 cr.)

UNI101 - Introduction to University Studies

UNI 101 is the first step to student academic success. The premise of this course is to build a strong academic foundation. The course seeks to help students develop and apply essential academic success skills, enhance critical thinking and communication skills, and explore interests, abilities, values and options regarding the choice of a major and career.

UNI104 - Tentative First Year Seminar

Used by Student Success to track students

UNI200 - Career Readiness

This course provides knowledge of a practical preparation for the world of work. Students conduct self-assessment for career planning; learn how to research particular jobs, careers and employers; develop skills needed for obtaining a job; learn how the workplace is organized; and explore the options for combining career and life expectations. (1 cr.)