Laboratory Component Courses (one course)

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A Laboratory Component course must include at least 25 percent evaluation and assessment of student performance directly from activities and experiences that fulfill the Laboratory Component educational goals.  A Laboratory Component course may be a course in the student's major field of study or may be a General Education menu course.  Students should consult with their academic adviser or department chair to determine whether any required courses for their major fulfill this component.

Menu Courses

ANT 254, 341, BIO 215, 232, CHE 101, 102, EAS 100, 150, 240, ECO 421, JUS 380, 487, NUR 470, PHS 137, POS 319, TED 304 

Educational Goals:

  • use discipline-specific methodologies and practices to systematically investigate the world;
  • organize data into trends and patterns using quantitative and/or qualitative methods (spatial, graphical, symbolic, etc.) to sort, analyze and interpret natural phenomena;
  • effectively communicate results of a set of applied experiments or observations; and
  • assess differences between theory and experimental results during evaluation of experimental design.