Menus and Educational Goals

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Students are required to complete 40-41 credits of General Education coursework.  This requirement is divided into a series of different "menus," each of which is designed to address a particular set of educational goals.  Each menu is made up of a list of courses that satisfy the menu goals.  Students can select any course from the menu, unless their major program of study mandates a particular choice.  Students should always consult with an academic adviser or their department chair regarding any program-specific requirements.

General Education Menus and Requirements

 Building a Sense of Community

 1 cr.


 3-6 crs.

 Public Speaking

 3 crs.

 Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy

 3 crs.

 Technological Literacy

 3 crs.

 Health and Wellness

 3 crs.


 3 crs.

 Fine Arts

 3 crs.

 Natural Sciences

 3 crs.

 Social Sciences

 3 crs.

 General Education Options

 9-12 crs.

In addition to the menu requirements, students must complete two Upper-Division Writing Component courses, one Laboratory Component course and one Special Experience Component course.  These courses may be General Education courses or part of the student's major program of study.  These credits are not part of the 40-41 credits required in the General Education program.