Special Experience Component Courses (one course)

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The Special Experience Component provides students with opportunities to demonstrate the application of the knowledge and skills developed through both the major discipline of study and the General Education program.

Special Experience Component courses are characterized by reflective thinking and the ability to synthesize information and ideas, to integrate knowledge, and to express ideas acquired throughout the college experience.  These courses reinforce the overall General Education experience by emphasizing ethics, values and norms, and multicultural awareness as broadly defined.

NOTE: Many departments and programs designate specific courses (either within or outside their major/program) to fulfill the Special Experience Component requirement.  Students should consult with their academic adviser or department chair regarding specific requirements for their program of study.

Menu Courses

ANT 499, ART 490, BIO 418, 492, CIS 492, CSC 492, EAS 431, ELE 461, ELM 461, ENG 499, ESP 461, GEO 360, HIS 491, JUS 499, LAW 410, MAT 400, 419, MFL 460, 481, NUR 475, PGM 425, PHI 325, 335, POS 450, PSY 469, SEC 461, SOC 429, SOW 435, TED 436

Educational Goals:

  • examine interrelationships within and across disciplines;
  • apply problem-solving and/or critical analysis skills using a variety of methods and tools;
  • demonstrate information literacy skills including the ability to access, evaluate, interpret and use information from a variety of sources; and
  • address issues in the community, or consider community or social implications of the course (i.e., multicultural issues, values, ethics).