Technological Literacy (3 Crs.)

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Students will have a basic understanding of the current and potential significance of technology, as well as its impact on contemporary society. Technological literacy means knowing how to use tools, resources, processes and systems to change or to control the natural and artificial environment, thus altering the human condition. (International Technology Education Association)

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CIS 110, 352, CSC 101, 105, 120, 124, 201, 306, EDU 333, GCM 100, 220, 300, 410, GET 130, GIS 303, 311, 350, ITE 341, JUS 380, 487, 488, MGT 371, SEC 360, TED 111, 302, 316, 426

Educational Goals:

  • To explain major concepts in technology, providing insights into its breadth and into its relationship to other areas of study;
  • To use technologies as they apply to systems designed to meet human needs;
  • To design, produce, test and analyze possible solutions to technological problems; and
  • To critically evaluate the implications and varying interpretations of technological changes as they relate to and determine impacts on individuals, society, the environment and the future.