Child and Family Studies Institute

About the institute

Developed by the Psychology Department at PennWest California, the Child and Family Studies Institute (CSFI) conducts research into important child and family issues, such as youth suicide, with the goal of providing information for:

  • Parents.
  • Educators.
  • Policymakers.
  • Healthcare professionals.

In addition, CSFI is actively involved in collaborative outreach activities with several local school districts and Monongahela Valley Hospital.

It also assisted the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Child Death Review Team with data analysis of data and interpretation, to enable the state to develop and implement methods and programs for preventing future child and adolescent deaths.

The ultimate goal of the Child and Family Studies Institute is to enhance the growth and development of each child and his/her family by serving as a clearinghouse for information that can benefit families, educators and policymakers.

Learn more

To learn more about the Child and Family Studies Institute, contact the PennWest California Department of Psychology at 724-938-4100.