Northern Appalachian Network

A Scholarship and Service Learning Community

The Northern Appalachian Network is a multidisciplinary network promoting teaching, scholarship and service on Northern Appalachians and their environment.

The network includes members with backgrounds in the arts and humanities, education, social science, and the sciences. There is a strong interest in the relationship between people and the natural environment.

Northern Appalachian Network Mission

In keeping with the tripartite mission of PennWest California and its faculty - teaching, scholarship and service - and to further the University's commitment to the region it serves, the mission of our network is to promote and disseminate teaching, scholarship and service focused on this unique region and its people.

We provide a multidisciplinary "home" for the development and dissemination of work focused on Northern Appalachian people and their environment.

This mission takes form in these objectives:

  • Multidisciplinary discourse and exchange on Northern Appalachia.
  • Multidisciplinary education on the region and its people, highlighting University-based experts on Northern Appalachia.
  • Development and dissemination of scholarship on Northern Appalachians and their environment, to include research partnerships with other institutions in the region.
  • Managing information on data, reports and literature on the region through a website and resource library.

Resources of special interest include PennWest California ECO, Environmental Council for the Outdoors, and the institute's own website.


We welcome interested community members. While most of the network's members live and work in Pennsylvania, the network includes members from all the states that have counties in the Northern Appalachian region, including the southern tier of New York, eastern Ohio, the northwestern panhandle of West Virginia, northwestern Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Some members choose to be listed on this website. Others prefer to connect through the anonymous (bcc) email list we use to distribute news and information on regional events and developments.

If you wish to be added to the email list, contact Dr. Pamela Twiss ( or Dr. David Argent (