Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Based at Cal U, Partners for Fish and Wildlife is a cooperative effort among many agencies throughout the state.

The program works to restore habitat for wildlife on agricultural and other lands by constructing:

  • Stream bank fencing.
  • Stream crossings.
  • Wetlands.
  • Grasslands.
  • Border-edge cuts. 

Partners for Fish and Wildlife works with landowners to improve water quality and wildlife habitat, restore degraded wetlands and stream vegetation, and restore native grassland and wildflower habitat.

In turn, our practices benefit landowners by improving livestock health, water quality and forage.

Past Projects

Learn more about some of our past projects: 

Early Successional Habitats 

In-Stream Restoration

Bog Turtle Habiat Restoration

Contact Us

To learn more about Partners for Fish and Wildlife, contact office manager Amy Taracido.

Phone: 724-938-5799