Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistant (GA) is a student employee supported by funds, called a stipend, provided by the University or another source and administered through Cal U. This stipend is equivalent to a portion of the student’s tuition and does not cover fees or learning materials.

Cal U provides graduate assistantships to nearly 200 qualified graduate students each semester. 

 A GA is employed part time while pursuing a graduate degree. The GA's work encourages scholarship and enhances the academic experience. The work that Graduate Assistants perform for the University may be grouped into the following categories: research/scholarship; teaching/learning; and service/support. 

A GA performs such specific duties as:

  • Supporting instruction.
  • Supervising labs or other facilities.
  • Assisting faculty with scholarship.
  • Contributing to departments' academic, scholarship and service endeavors.

Securing a GA Position

Graduate students who qualify for a graduate assistantship may express interest in securing a GA position by taking these steps: 

  • View open positions in the links below and contact directly the supervisor who is listed. (Once you find the position you are interested in, use our Directory/People Finder to locate the supervisor's contact information.)
  • Contact a department, office or program that is offering a position that aligns with your academic interests. 
  • Check the Daily Announcements for advertised positions.
  • Email your resume to Suzanne Sarra, Office of Graduate Dean, at
  • View the Graduate Assistant Handbook


Graduate Assistants and Financial Aid

 A graduate assistantship, when taxed, is not considered financial aid. Any non-taxed graduate assistantship is counted as a financial aid resource. 

Graduate Assistants should be enrolled in at least two graduate-level courses each semester/term. Graduate Assistants are required to complete timesheets to document their work.  Here are sample timesheets:

GA Timesheet 300 Hour
GA Timesheet 200 Hour
GA Timesheet 100 Hour