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Honors Students listening to a speakerHonors Students listening to a speaker

Honors Program Scholarships and Awards

Students in good standing with the University Honors Program are eligible to apply for the following scholarships.  The program will make an announcement during Spring term as to the amounts of the scholarships and the application process.


Incoming Freshman Scholarships

Information for applying for the Gazalie and Hereda scholarships will be provided for incoming freshmen during summer registration.

Olga Toth Gazalie ’41 and Albert E. Gazalie Scholarship.

Eligibility: Freshmen students entering the Honors Program.  Renewable provided the recipient maintains a 3.25 GPA and membership in the Honors Program.  Preference will be given to a student majoring in Business/Economics.

Jesse G. Hereda Honors Scholarship

Eligibility: Freshman students entering the Honors Program and who have a high school grade point average of at least 3.25.  Preference will be given to any such student who has demonstrated a need for financial assistance.


Sophomore Scholarships

Robert Sumara Honors Program Scholarship

Eligibility: Sophomores in good standing with the Honors Program, enrolled as a full-time student, and demonstrating a need for financial assistance.  Applicants should demonstrate a willingness and ability to be of service to others and the country.


All Honors Students

Norman and Ellen Hasbrouck Family Honors Program Scholarship

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at the University who have achieved outstanding academic records and are enrolled in the Honors Program. Preference will be given to students from Beth Center, California Area, Corry Area and Greenville Area high schools.  Current students must be in good standing with the Honors Program, enrolled as full-time students, with at least a 3.75 GPA.


Honors Program Awards

There are two awards given out to students during their senior year which are selected by the Honors Program Advisory Board. These awards are selected in the Spring Semester, and students names appear on a plaque in the Honors Program.

Honors Advisory Board Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis Award

2012 Recipient: Britney L. Vokish 

Honors Advisory Board Outstanding Honors Program Graduating Senior Award

2012 Recipient: Timothy M. Lahmers