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Placement Testing Information and Registration

New students, including freshmen and transfers may need to take a placement test for Mathematics or English.  Taking placement test(s) is dependent upon SAT, ACT scores or transfer credits.  Students who do not submit SAT, ACT scores or transfer credits must take placement tests.   


SAT or ACT Writing scores, or equivalent transfer credits from another institution will determine placement into an English Composition course.  Students who don't have SAT, ACT scores or transfer credits will need to take the test.

  • students with an SAT-Writing score equal to or greater than 460 or an ACT-Writing score equal to or greater than 19 will place into English Composition I
  • students with an SAT-Writing score below 460 or an ACT-Writing score below 19 will place into English Language Skills *
  • students who have been given transfer equivalency for Cal U's English Language Skills will place into English Composition I

* English Language Skills is a developmental course. Students may take the English placement test to see if they can bypass the course to take English Composition I.

English Placement Test Score - Accuplacer WritePlacer Test

  • A score of 1-4 indicates the need for the developmental course, ENG 100 - English Language Skills. 
  • A score of 5, 6 or 7 indicates eligibility for ENG 101, English Composition I. 


Students are required to take the Math Placement Test, with the following exceptions:

  • the Math test is waived for students who have been notified that they have been given transfer credit for the equivalent of a Cal U 100-level or higher math course
  • students in majors that do not require College Algebra or a higher-level Math course and whose SAT-Math is equal to 440 or ACT-Math is equal to 18
  • students in majors that are math-intensive (e.g. science, engineering, computer science, etc.) whose SAT-Math score is equal to 520 or ACT-Math score is equal to 22*

*Note: Science, math, computer science or other math-intensive majors requiring Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus or Calculus with a SAT-Math score equal to or greater than 520 or ACT-Math score equal to or greater than 22 should take Parts C (College Algebra) and D (Trigonometry) of the Math Placement Test.

Math Placement Test Scores

  • Part A, Basic Math - 11 or greater is passing to be eligible for Introductory Algebra (DMA 092), Survey of Math (MAT 100), Applications of Math (MAT 110), Elementary Topics of Math I (MAT 120) and II (MAT 130)
  • Part B, Introductory Algebra - 12 or greater is passing in addition to either passing Part A or having a minimum Math SAT of 440 or ACT score of 18 to be eligible for College Algebra (MAT 181) or Statistics (MAT 215)
  • Part C, College Algebra - 10 or greater is passing in addition to either passing Parts A and B or having a minimum Math SAT of 520 or ACT of 22 to be eligible for Trigonometry (MAT 191), Discrete Structure (MAT 195), Discrete Math (MAT 272) or Applied Calculus (MAT 273) 
  • Part D, Trigonometry -
    • 7-9 is passing in addition to either passing Parts A-C or having a minimum Math SAT of 580 or ACT of 25 to be eligible for Pre-Calculus (MAT 199), 
    • 10 or greater is passing in addition to either passing Parts A-C or having a minimum Math SAT of 580 or ACT of 25 to be eligible for Calculus I (MAT 281). 

Placement Testing Options for Students 

Current, New and Online Students:

Campus Test For students who live close to Cal U:  Take the tests on the main campus in the Placement Testing Center, Noss Hall Room 215 by contacting Claire Pizer at or (724) 938-5779. Appointments are available Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Proctored Test: For students unable to test on campus:  Take tests online with assistance from a local proctor. Students are eligible to take the tests online but must find someone locally to oversee them. A proctor can be a guidance counselor, teacher or staff member of a local high school or college. Once you find a proctor please have them contact Claire Pizer in the Placement Testing Center at or (724) 938-5779 for instructions prior to testing.

  • Cal U utilizes Accuplacer for English Placement exams. 
  • D2L is utilized to administer the Math Placement exams. 
  • BVirtual is utilized to administer the English and Math Placement exams for those who have difficulty locating a Proctor.  The charge to the student is $25 per test.

Other Option for New Students in the Fall Only:

  • Testing will be offered during the days of New Student Registration.  After August 8th, please use options above. 

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

  • Require requests from the student, appropriate documentation and prior approval
  • Accommodations must be approved a minimum of one week prior to the testing date
  • The disability services staff may adjust test times/dates to accommodate student/staff needs
  • Direct requests/inquiries to the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at (724) 938-5781 or