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Prior Learning AssessmentPrior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process that allows certain students to gain credit for learning acquired through their life experiences.  Qualifying experiences could be work, military training, personal educational growth, volunteer work or independent certifications.  Credit is awarded when a student is able to demonstrate transferable learning; that is, knowledge that can be applied to a new or different situation.

Are You Eligible for Prior Learning Experience Credit?

Currently enrolled Cal U students are eligible to apply for PLA credits. Students must demonstrate that they have met the goals of a particular course by developing a portfolio that showcases their experiential learning. Students are responsible for identifying the course equivalency and providing documentation that the course goals have been met. All PLA portfolios are reviewed by a Cal U faculty member and students are charged a fee of $100/credit. Undergraduate students may earn a maximum of 30 credits through PLA. PLA credits are not eligible for tuition remission nor are they covered by financial aid.

How are credits applied to the transcript?

PLA credits are shown on the transcript as “PLA: Prior Learning Assessment” and are assigned a grade of P (Passing). No quality points are calculated into the student’s grade point average.


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