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Student Success Programs

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Academic Success is to foster and support students in all phases of their academic endeavors by providing comprehensive programs, resources and assistance.


All students are encouraged to contact our office for assistance with academic skills such as Note-taking, Test-Taking, Goal Setting, Time Management, Etiquette, Campus Resources, Group Work and Presentations, etc..  No appointment is necessary.

We're here to help: 

Support for Success:

Academic Healthy U:

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Peer-led Undergraduate Study:        

Marie Seftas
Student Success Program Coordinator
Noss Hall 103B       Phone: 724-938-4945    email:

Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday

For more information on good academic standing, probation or dismissal, view the catalog.

Our Programs:

Support for Success (S4S)

Support 4 Success

Support for Success (S4S) is a program for new students identified by the Admissions Office as those who would benefit from initial academic support.  S4S is also available to ALL students on campus who would like to sharpen their academic skills. The program consists of weekly small group sessions, open study time and one-on-one meetings.  The sessions include such topics as setting goals and identifying campus resources, time management, learning skills and study habits, faculty interaction, etc.  There will also be time for walk-in assistance with academic issues, study time, D2L assistance, etc. The graduate assistants for the S4S program are an important resource for new students.  For assistance, contact the graduate assistants in Noss Hall, Room 211 or by email at

Academic Healthy U (AHU)

Academic Healthy U

Academic Healthy U (AHU) is a program designed to assist students on Academic Warning (have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 for the first time).  AHU focuses on improving overall GPA and regaining good academic standing.  The program consists of weekly sessions, open study time and one-on-one meetings.  Graduate assistants assist students in setting goals, identifying campus resources, developing time management and learning skills, and improving study habits and study skills.  AHU will help the student create a personal plan for academic success and to keep focused and on track during the semester.  For assistance, contact the graduate assistants in Noss Hall, Room 202 or by email at

Probationary Assistance (PASS)

Probationary Assistance


The Probationary Assistance (PASS) program provides the additional structure and support that may be necessary for all students on academic probation and those students readmitted after dismissal.  PASS offers one-on-one sessions with graduate assistant leaders.  The program is designed to help the student build a foundation for success through relevant information, activities and discussions. The individual sessions allow the leader to tailor the meetings to more closely meet the needs of the student. PASS provides an opportunity for each student to create an academic/personal plan for success based on individual goals.  For assistance, contact the graduate assistants in Noss Hall, Room 202 or by email at

Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS)

Peer Lead Undergraduate Studies (PLUS)

The Office of Academic Success offers the Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) program.  This program is available for any course with the interest and approval of the faculty member offering the course.

PLUS leaders are students who have successfully completed the course offering PLUS.   PLUS leaders work closely with the faculty member, attend all classes, take notes, and hold study sessions with students.  The sessions meet three times per week to cover course concepts, improve understanding of course material, provide students ways to study effectively, get a better perspective of presented material, work in a group setting utilizing group learning, discussions and comparing of notes, and to prepare for exams.  The sessions are voluntary.  Data indicate that students who participate in PLUS achieve one-half to one letter grade higher than those who do not participate.  For assistance, contact the graduate assistants in Noss Hall, Room 103 or by email at


For all Cal U students:

The Student Success Graduate Assistants are available to answer your questions or give assistance with academic skills.

To contact the Graduate Assistants: 

*Visit Noss Hall, Room 202 or 211

*Email; or


Appeal of Academic Dismissal

Application for Readmission after Dismissal or Probation