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Transfer Student's Road to SuccessTransfer Student's Road to Success

Transfer Student's Road to Success

California University of Pennsylvania (CALU) takes pride in serving our students in the pursuit of their academic and educational goals.  We assist students in every aspect of their educational endeavors.   We engage in a student-centered philosophy that means our students and their needs are the driving force for our behaviors.  We see each student as valuable and important and are dedicated to the highest professional standards and services.   Therefore, we establish environments and a culture that are conducive to student learning , we serve as allies and advocates for student needs, we create opportunities for students to develop as individuals and leaders and we respect and strive to understand our students' many contexts and distinctions.  We are widely known as a center for thought, inquiry, dialogue and action in matters of character, academics and student promotion and success. 

Students are the heart and soul of California University of Pennsylvania.  In fact, you are our primary reason for being.  As you pursue your academic program and start thinking about careers in the real world, you also grow as a person of character.  As a transfer student, you have very special needs and unique considerations to take into account as you pursue your educational goals.  Approximately 40% of our undergraduates are transfer students. They've enrolled here for a variety of reasons - affordability, location, small class sizes, or to continue study beyond the introductory or associate level.  If you're currently a student in good standing at one of the 14 colleges or universities in the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education, one of the 14 Pennsylvania community colleges, or other PA Trac-participating institutions, you will benefit from Cal U's affiliation with PA Trac. Through this statewide organization, schools agree to maximize the number of credits that transfer between institutions in order to keep students on track for graduation.

As a transfer student, we realize that your academic needs are much different than those of incoming freshmen. The Office of Articulation and Transfer is available to assist you in every way possible, from directing you to available financial aid to helping you find convenient housing. Our goal is to support the University mission of building character and building careers by making your transition as seamless as possible. Click on the links below for more important information about transferring to Cal U.

                •  How are your credits evaluated?

                •  What is an Academic Passport?

                •  Guides for General Education credits

                •  Advisement Sheets for Each Major

                •  Articulation & Affiliation Agreements

                •  Frequently Asked Questions

                •  Contact us - Office of Articulation and Transfer Evaluation

What Happens After You Apply For Transfer?

Your application goes to the Admissions Office where it will be reviewed, along with your test scores and transcripts. Once you have been accepted for admission, the Articulation and Transfer Office will evaluate your credits to determine how many credits will transfer into CALU.  Admission is granted on a rolling basis, and you should receive your admissions notification within a few weeks.  We know you are serious about continuing your education. Let us help you accomplish your goal. If you have questions, call the Articulation and Transfer Evaluation Office at 724-938-5939, or email

Next, if you have transferred in 24 or more credits, you must contact the department in which you are majoring to schedule your classes for your first semester at CALU.  For those students with less than 24 credits transferring into CALU, the Scheduling and Placement-Testing Centers will schedule your classes for you per your intended major.  However, any student, regardless of major and number of credits, can feel free to speak with one of our Student Success Facilitators in the Center if you ever have questions or concerns pertaining to your academic coursework, placement-testing, registration, CALU policies or procedures.  We are at the heart of student success and will do our best to help you succeed at CALU.    

It is of great consequence to become familiar with CALU policies, procedures, resources and opportunities.  We are committed to making the transition from your previous institution to CALU as smooth as possible.  For your convenience, we are offering this site specifically for you, the transfer student, to familiarize you with the most important information to ease your transition into CALU. One such resource is the Commuter Center.  Commuters and non-traditional students find a warm welcome at Cal U at the Commuter Center. Located on the first level of the Natali Student Center (directly off Third Street), the center offers a host of services in addition to providing a comfortable place away from classes. It is a place for students to involve themselves in University life by socializing with peers, taking advantage of activities for students and families, and becoming involved in campus life.  

The Commuter Center provides a number of services at no additional cost to students:

  • University network linked personal computers and laser printers
  • Refrigerator, microwave, plastic and paper place settings
  • Spring water
  • Locker storage (Available on first-come basis. No deposit required. Bring your lock.)
  • Information and referral bulletin boards
  • Large screen television and DVD player
  • Commuter Council
  • Student activity and event programming (theme events, holiday celebrations, Family Day KidZone, sponsored trips, board games, DVD movies)
  • Administrator available to assist commuter and non-traditional students.

The Commuter Center is located in the Natali Student Center adjacent to Vulcan Theatre,  Billiards Room and Arcade, Metro Café, Multimedia Access Center, Cal U Bookstore, PSECU Credit Union, ATM machine and the Information Center.

Parking and Shuttle Service

Commuters who wish to avoid parking on the lower campus are urged to use the Park-and-Ride across from Vulcan Village. Regular shuttle service is available to the lower campus through the Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority (MMVTA). The shuttle service is free of charge for California University of Pennsylvania students with a valid CalCard. There is a nominal fee for nonstudents to ride the shuttle. For more information on the shuttle service, call MMVTA at 724-489-0880.

MMVTA has Announced New Bus Routes for Commuters

The Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority has announced several new or updated routes:

  • The Cal U Commuter service will provide transportation to the Cal U campus from the park-and-ride lot in Large, Pa. (near Route 51 and Toll Route 43). This service is free for Cal U students with a valid CalCard.
  • The Valley 2 service will provide service to shopping options in the area.
  • The Valley 3 "loop" will serve Vulcan Village, Roadman Park, Center in the Woods, MMVTA/Cal U Park-and-Ride, Liberty Tower, Cal U main campus, downtown California and Rotary Park.

See bus schedules

In addition, the MMVTA is offering Emergency Ride Home transit, a pilot program in partnership with the regional CommuteInfo program. Emergency Ride Home is designed to provide a contingency option for registered commuters in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency, personal illness, unscheduled overtime or other eligible event.

Learn more

We Are Here for You

Commuters and non-traditional students together represent approximately two-thirds of Cal U's student population. All find a home at Cal U's Commuter Center.  For more information on services and activities, visit the Commuter Center, call or e-mail Paul Fazio at 724-938-4553 or email

Take advantage of all of the academic resources, activities, new student resources, policies and forms, and services on campus to make the most of your time at Cal U.  Please feel free to access all of those items of interests by clicking on the aforementioned red navigational links.  You can browse throughout our extensive website to learn about those, along with the other countless opportunities, we have in place for you at CALU.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Again, welcome to CALU. 



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