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DSST Exams

The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) is one of two exam programs that provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through examinations in undergraduate college courses.

Cal U accepts a maximum of 30 credits earned through the DSST and/or CLEP. The cost for each DSST exam is $80 payable credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express; debit cards are not accepted). A separate, one-time fee of $25 payable to Cal U of PA by check or money order is required to have the credits entered on the student's transcript. Exam dates and times are by appointment only and may vary depending on availability of the lab. To register for an exam, contact Claire Pizer at 724-938-5779 or pizer@calu.edu.

Study materials and exam descriptions can be obtained through the DSST website at http://getcollegecredit.com.

Examinees with disabilities:

  • Reserve the right to decide when to self-identify and when to request accommodations.
  • Will need to register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) in Carter Hall Room G-35, 724-938-5781, to receive accommodations.
  • Will present the OSD Accommodation Approval Notice to the CLEP/DSST test center administrator when requesting accommodations that involve testing.

Requests for approval for reasonable accommodations should be directed to the Office for Students with Disabilities. Approved accommodations will be recorded on the OSD Accommodation Approval Notice and provided to the examinee. Examinees are expected to adhere to OSD procedures for self-identifying, providing documentation and requesting accommodations in a timely manner.

DSST Exams and Cal U Course Equivalents

Art of the Western World: ART 162 - Art Elective

Astronomy: PHS 145 - Astronomy

Business Ethics and Society: Equivalent Not Determined

Business Mathematics: ELC 162 - Elective

Civil War and Reconstruction: HIS 327 - Civil War and Reconstruction

Computing and Information Technology: Equivalent Not Determined
Criminal Justice: ELC 162 - Elective

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: ELC 162 - Elective

Environment and Humanity:  ENS 101 - Introduction to Environmental Science

Ethics in America: Equivalent Not Determined

Foundations of Education: EDF 162 - Education Foundations Elective

Fundamentals of College Algebra: MAT 181 - College Algebra

Fundamentals of Counseling: ELC 162 - Elective

Fundamentals of Cyber Security: Equivalent Not Determined

General Anthropology: ANT 100 - Introduction to Anthropology

Health and Human Development (formerly Here's To Your Health): NLC 162 - Natural Sciences Elective

History of the Vietnam War: HIS 162 - History Elective

Human/Cultural Geography: GEO 162 - Geography Elective

Human Resource Management: MGT 162 - Management Elective
Introduction to Business: BUS 100 - Introduction to Business

Introduction to Law Enforcement: ELC 162 - Elective

Introduction to World Religions: PHI 200 - World Religions

Lifespan Developmental Psychology: PSY 207 - Developmental Psychology

Management Information Systems: MGT 373 - Computer-Based Management Information

Money and Banking: ECO 304 - Money and Banking

Organizational Behavior: MGT 301 - Organizational Behavior

Personal Finance: FIN 304 - Personal Finance

Principles of Finance: FIN 201 - Introduction to Finance

Principles of Physical Science: Equivalent Not Determined 

Principles of Statistics: MAT 215 - Statistics

Principles of Supervision: Equivalent Not Determined

Rise and Fall of Soviet Union: Equivalent Not Determined

Technical Writing: Equivalent Not Determined

Scores and course equivalents are subject to change by the University.