Preparing for Law School

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Cal U students and teacher in class.Cal U students and teacher in class.

Preparing for Law School

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The term pre-law usually indicates a career goal and not a specific undergraduate major or course of study.

Unlike most professional schools, law schools do not specify the coursework or a major field that the prospective student must complete while in college. Instead, law schools prefer that potential students receive a well-rounded education. Students are encouraged to select a rigorous major with elective courses in numerous disciplines.

Pre-law students should choose a program of study that sharpens written and oral communication skills, as well as critical thinking. It should foster perceptive reading, critical reasoning, analytical thinking, and a strong command of the English language.

For more information, visit American Bar Association: Preparing for Law School

Recommended courses

Undergraduate courses in diverse fields of study can help to build your foundation of fundamental legal principles. Pre-law students at Cal U should consider:

  • BUS 242 Business Law I
  • BUS 346 Business Law II
  • COM 230 Argumentation and Debate
  • COM 301 Forensic Activities
  • COM 350 Persuasion
  • ECO 304 Money and Banking
  • ECO 308 Public Finance
  • ENG 211 Business Writing I
  • ENG 306 Press Law and Ethics
  • HIS 308 History of American Constitution
  • HIS 435 History of Law
  • JUS 361 Court Systems
  • JUS 365 Justice Theories
  • JUS 455 Legal Traditions
  • PHI 220 Ethics
  • PHI 370 Philosophy of Law
  • POS 314 Constitutional Law Government Power
  • POS 315 Constitutional Law Civil Liberties
  • POS 316 Judicial Policy and Politics
  • POS 335 Administrative Law

Additional Information

In addition to academic preparation, extracurricular activities that develop these attributes can prove beneficial.