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All students who are in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing are eligible to register. Current students can search courses and register online or in person at your academic department.

Registration Procedures

Registration for an upcoming semester may be completed during the registration periods identified and announced each semester.  Specific information and instructions for registration are distributed through college e-mail announcements.  

Registration includes:

Prior to scheduling classes, you should meet with your academic adviser to discuss progress and to develop a schedule for the upcoming semester. Entering a student's schedule into the University's registration system creates a financial obligation by the student to the University.  If you do not attend classes, you will still be financially responsible unless you officially withdraw from the University through Academic Records (located in Dixon Hall 122, ext. 4434) by the end of the first week of the semester.

Courses Needed

Need a particular course that is full? Complete the needs list request form and verify that a requested course is:

  • The only course available to meet the requirements of your major and the course is needed for graduation this semester; or
  • The course is a pre-requisite you are required to take to progress in your major.

Along with the completed needs list request form, you must submit a copy of your schedule and your DegreeWorks Degree Audit.

Enrollment and Matriculation

Students seeking a degree or credit certificate from the University are considered matriculated students and must meet the graduation or completion requirements for their declared major or program.

Individuals who enroll for classes but are not seeking a degree or credit certificate from the University are considered non-degree students. Non-degree students wishing to matriculate into a degree or credit certificate program must satisfy admission requirements for that program.


More Undergraduate Registration Info

Read about all academic policies

Graduate Registration

Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research

Registrar's Office

Contact the Registrar's Office located in Dixon Hall 301, ext. 4407

Bursar's Office

Contact the Bursar's Office

Degree Audit

Get your road map to graduation, an On-Course Degree Audit

Academic Resources

Find academic support services through the Office of Academic Success in Noss Hall. Don't be at a Loss. Visit Noss.

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