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Tutors of the Writing Center

Adam Marsh

A computer science major, Adam Marsh spends his spare time educating himself about creative aspects of video games, the origins of the English language, and other miscellaneous interests.  Adam has a reputation for his expansive vocabulary; his peers are grateful for his skills.

Alex Dawes

Alex Dawes is an anthropology major whose favorite snack is dry spaghetti noodles.  He graduated as the valedictorian of Greenville High School.  He loves Starwars and video games.  Although he writes across the curriculum, his specializes in scientific writing.

Allie Smith

Allie is the graduate assistant for the Writing Center.  She is from Columbus, Ohio and is studying school counseling.  Allie loves animals, nature, watching movies, riding roller coasters, discovering new music, and making new friends.  She also likes to read, watch documentaries, and learn.

Amy Froetschel

Another English major, Amy studies creative writing.  She works with rhetorical situation and is an expert on the authoritative and passive voice.  She can roll her tongue in two different ways and can also eat lemons just like oranges.  She considers fantasy and sci-fi (science fiction) her writing strengths.

Ashley Shilling

Ashley is from Greenville and studies English literature.  She is a phenomenal student and loves Lord of the Rings and peaches.  She is part of the twenty percent of the population whose hand creases travel all the way across her palms.  She specializes in resumes and business writing.

Claudia Pehowic

This tutor studies communication and considers grammar her specialty.  She is both a licensed boater and a vegetarian and enjoys trying to learn how to cook in her free time.  Claudia teaches new student orientation with fellow tutor Ashley Shilling, so you may recognize their faces.

Denni Claycomb

Denni is an education major who plans to teach English to  students both in the Writing Center and in her future career.

Hannah Kovscek

Hannah has an October birthday and a beautiful singing voice.  She is a chair of the Student Honors Advisory Board’s social committee.  Hannah enjoys volunteer work, the Cal U choir, and her work at the Writing Center.  She is great at shaping writing to become more professional.

Rebecca McDonough

Informally known as Becky, this psychology major enjoys the finer things in life, like cooking chicken marsala and watching artistic movies.  She takes great pride in her work both academically and within the Writing Center.  She is also the expert of APA style.

Tara Wadsworth

Tara is a physical therapist assistant major.  She plays cymbols in the University Marching Band and is also a member of the Quidditch Club.  She has always liked writing and enjoys helping clients that come throug the Writing Center.  

Terrance Chambers

A psychology major who plans to study history, Terrance is a member of the University Honors Program.  He prefers to be called TJ.  He graduated from Greenville High School in Pennsylvania.  He is very familiar with APA style and is looking to gain more knowledge of Chicago format by working with the Writing Center and his major.

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