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Job Shadow Sponsor Registration

What is Cal U's Job Shadowing Experience?

Cal U’s program is a volunteer job shadowing experience available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students spend one to five days observing and working with professionals. The purpose of the program is to give students the opportunity to explore career fields and provide them with a realistic view of a typical day on the job.

Why become a Sponsor?
Sponsorship can be a very rewarding experience.

You will/may:

  • -  Assist students in exploring their career path and understanding opportunities available in your organization
  • -  Receive a new perspective on your organization and career path

Sponsors should take the opportunity to gain insights from Cal U students

  • -  Find potential candidates for Co-ops/internships/full-time hires

  • -  Create a brand image for your organization that distinguishes you from other employers

What does a sponsor do?

As a sponsor, you will create a schedule of activities that introduces the selected students to your organization and work environment. You will also discuss your career path with the student. As site sponsor, you can decide what is appropriate for your work environment.  Suggested activities for your job shadow experience for students include:

  • -  Observing interactions with colleagues and customers

  • -  Conducting and arranging informational interview with staff

  • -  Attending meetings and other organizational events

  • -  Helping out with office tasks, reports or projects

  • -  Learning office policies and procedures

  • -  Touring the facility

  • -  Teaching networking techniques

Are there costs to participate?

  • No. Students are responsible for all expenses. Sponsors may choose to take their sponsor to lunch or provide free parking, but students are instructed not to expect any perks.

How do I get started?

When do student shadow?

The Job Shadow Experience will take place three times each year:

  • -  The week before the Spring Semester begins

  • -  The week of Spring Break

  • -  The week after graduation

Check on the Career & Professional Development Center website at for exact dates and deadlines to participate.

If you have any questions about sponsor registration, please contact Cal U Career Services at 724-938-4413 or

Student Requirements

  • - The Job Shadow Experience Program is open to all Cal U students in all majors from freshmen to graduate students
  • -  Interested students must complete an online application form and submit their resume.
  • - Students wishing to participate are required to attend an information session.
  •    At this workshop, students will be informed of the program requirements and instructed on office etiquette.
  • - Upon notification of placement, students are required to contact their sponsor to set-up the logistics of the experience.

How are students placed?

Once all applications and resumes have been submitted, the Career & Professional Development Center staff will begin the process of matching students to their desired sponsors.

Sponsors have the opportunity to assist with the selection process by requesting that students meet specific requirements for placement.

What if a match is not made?

The goal of the experience program is to provide quality job shadowing experiences that will benefit both the student and the sponsor. The Career & Professional Development Center will make every effort to provide an acceptable match. If there is no adequate match, we will not place a student in a position just to fill a spot. We appreciate your willingness to assist our students and respect the time that you have made available for them. If a match is not made, please continue to volunteer your services as a sponsor in the future.


Contact the Career & Professional Development Center at 724-938-4413 or

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