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Computer Engineering Technology Success Stories

Josh Petrick - Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research

Internship title:  IT Assistant

How did you find your internship?

My Father

What are you primary responsibilities/day-to-day activities?

Creating, editing, and maintaining code. Mainly for metal testing machines.

What is the best part of your internship?

Seeing live progress of the changes/ improvements I make in action. As well as, knowing that I contributed to the success of a project.

Would you recommend this internship to someone else?

Of course! First of all any internship is a good internship, and at WMTR I learned more than enough to help me progress in the real world.

A quote from you regarding your experience?

Working every day is not as fun at going to class every day :)

Nigel Wright

Nigel WrightSenior Computer Engineering Technology student Nigel Wright completed an internship with Progeny Systems Corporation during the summer break. Progeny is a small business that develops electronic systems for the United States Department of Defense. It is located in Charleroi, PA.

A graduate of California Area High School, Wright gained experience designing and laying out printed circuit boards, updating and creating electronic schematics, and writing code in VHDL, C, and C++. While VHDL is a language he learned through his internship, Wright credited his classes at California University of Pennsylvania with developing his C and C++ skills.

The small business environment provided Wright an increased level of involvement on important projects.

"This experience has given me the chance to develop skills that are valued in the industry," said Wright. After performing this internship, Wright has a renewed appreciation for his studies. And, now that he has gained some hands-on experience in the field, he is sure that this is the kind of work he wants to do when he graduates.

Wright acknowledged members of the university community who helped him land the internship experience.

"I would not have been able to obtain this position if it were not for the help of Karen Primm and the faculty in my department," he said.