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The Entrepreneurial Leadership Center & Student Incubator

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Center & Student Incubator is a center dedicated to assisting the entrepreneur within our university community.

The ELC is your one stop shop for all things related to starting and maintaining your own successful business. This is achieved by on hands-on business counseling which will help guide the entrepreneur through the formation and maintenance of their chosen business. Ongoing events such as workshops and training activities are also offered to assist the entrepreneur in keeping up to date in the entrepreneurial field. 

The ELC provides student incubator services which will keep the entrepreneur in touch with peers currently involved in the field, as well as helpful links for entrepreneurial centers in our area. The ELC is always looking for new faces with a passion for small business ownership, please check out the web page at calu.edu/elc for further details on upcoming meetings and student outreach to get started today.  


Services & Resources

From business counseling to workshops and training, Cal U’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Center and Incubator provides a variety of services to help young entrepreneurs succeed.



The ELC hosts a many different events on campus, including guest speakers and academic contests. Our staff also tries to keep up with learning opportunities in the region.


Free Boot Camp

In conjunction with the Small Business Administration and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Cal U students have access to over 70 online business courses for free.


Contact Us and Directions

We are constantly looking for ways for our entrepreneurially minded students to connect with alumnae and local business people. If you would like to help support those students, please contact us.