Peer Mentoring FAQs for New Students

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Peer Mentoring FAQs for New StudentsPeer Mentoring FAQs for New Students

Peer Mentoring FAQs for New Students

Q. When does a mentoring relationship usually start?
A. The Peer Mentoring Program prefers to match a mentor with a protégé, as the freshman or transfer student is called, prior to that student attending Cal U. Therefore, the matches are usually made during the summer semester.

Q. What is expected of a first-year student who has a mentor?

A. As a protégé, you should:

  • Respect the time and effort of your mentor by returning phone calls and e-mails
  • Keep scheduled meeting times and notify your mentor in advance if you must cancel or miss an appointment
  • Keep your mentor and mentoring director aware of any changes in your address, phone number,
    e-mail and/or major

Q. What do I do if my mentor does not contact me?
A. If you are assigned a mentor and he/she has not contacted you, let the mentoring program know by
e-mailing or calling 724-938-1682. We will contact the mentor for you.

Q. What happens if my mentor and I just don't "click"?
A. Despite our best efforts to carefully match students using various factors, sometimes it just doesn't work out. If that happens, let us know and we can reassign you with another mentor.

Q. If I am a protégé, can I contact the mentoring program directly with any questions?
A. Definitely! We are here to help you succeed! E-mail us at or call 724-938-1682.

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'My mentor has been very helpful. Before school even started, she found me online and told me what to expect at Cal. She told me classes to take, teachers that she liked and disliked, what I did and didn't need at school, etc. She also gave me her cell phone number and told me to contact her whenever I needed. She has been a great help so far and I'm thankful she's my mentor. She's a great person!'