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Recreational Services

Department of Recreational Services

The mission of the Department of Recreational Services is to provide recreational facilities, programs, and developmental opportunities for the university community. Recreational Services provides exposure to a variety of activities that contribute to individual physical fitness. The Department of Recreational Service, which is a part of Student Association Inc., offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities to all California University of Pennsylvania Students, Staff, and Faculty.

 The department is comprised of six service areas:


Informal Recreation

Informal Recreation programming provides a self-directed approach to participation. This program area accommodates the desire to participate in sport for fitness and fun, often with no pre-determined goals except that of participation.


Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports programming provides structured contests, meets, tournaments and leagues limiting participation to individual members of the university community.


Extramural Sports

Extramural Sports programming provides structured tournaments, contests and meets between participants from different institutions. The champions from intramural events are the teams or individuals competing in these programs.


Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs programming provides opportunities and assistance to participants who wish to be involved in a personal exercise program. This voluntary program is designed to motivate individuals, assess their level of fitness, and influence their decision to maintain a positive fitness lifestyle.


Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs serve student sport related interests while providing athletic competition with off-campus rivals. It should be emphasized that the program is for and by the students; each club is student initiated and sustained.


Healthy Habits & Wellness Programs

Healthy Habits & Wellness Programs programming promotes health and wellness and is dedicated to educating, motivating and empowering members of the California University of PA community to make healthy lifestyle choices that improve their overall quality of life.