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Fitness Class Instructors


Sarah Abramowitz

Description: I am a freshman at Cal U majoring in Elementary Education Grades 4-8 with focuses in Math and Social Studies. I have been a Zumba Instructor since January of 2011. I also teach Aqua Aerobics. I have been teaching it since January of 2011. I hope to see you all in classes!!

Jennifer Babiak

Description: My name is Jennifer Babiak.  I was a dancer for 16 years and an assistant dance teacher for 2 years.  I was also a member of the Norwin High School Show Choir for 2 years, as well as the President of the Norwin High School Chorus during my senior year.  I am a sophomore this year at Cal U majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Tourism Studies.  I am also certified in Zumba training and I look forward to teaching group fitness classes this year!   

Chelsey Day

Description: I am a current social work graduate student from Canonsburg, PA.  One of my favorite things to do is talk! I enjoy meeting new people, reading when it is not for class, and working out.  I have not always been into fitness and exercising, but around 6 months ago I discovered it as a new passion.  In a few more months, I hope to become Zumba certified, as it is one of my favorite ways to work out. The classes that I teach are Cardio and Toning.  Toning is a mixture exercises for the legs, abs, and arms.  I also include some cardio circuits in between reps to burn extra fat and calories. Cardio consists of exercises that raise the heart rate and burn fat and calories.  It is a great way to stay in shape and become healthier! 

Matt Erkel

Description: I’m a senior attending my last semester on campus at Cal U as a Secondary Earth/Space Education Major with a Minor in Geology. I enlisted in the military right out of high school but left due to a dislocated shoulder. Since then I was undecided on what my future would hold as I attended a community college off and on until teaching became somewhat of a desire. That desire grew when I transferred to Cal U and was impressed with the dedication of the professors and the curriculum. I was then healthy enough to start exercising routinely and start playing hockey again, both of which I love and can’t live without. I am commuting this year unfortunately, but I love Cal and everything the campus has to offer. I love hiking, walking my dog, and long walks on the beach. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. So far, teaching fitness classes has allowed me to channel my daily stresses and transform them into positive energy which I share with the participating students. 

Brenda Fetsko

Hometown: Daisytown, PA

Year and Major: Director of Fitness and Wellness for Recreational Services

Description: I love my job! My activities include practicing Yoga, boating, reading, cooking and gardening. I also enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids. I am an avid Steeler Fan and love all the Pittsburgh teams.

Fitness Classes & Description: I have a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Cal U. I am also a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, certified Zumba instructor and hold numerous specialty certificates in fitness. I love working in Rec Services at Cal U! It is a wonderful opportunity to help the campus community make healthier choices that will improve their overall quality of life.

Why are you a Fitness Instructor?: I love helping people find ways to develop healthier lifestyles! Teaching fitness classes is a great way to motivate people to get moving! I do not get to teach as many classes as I would like, but do try to teach something during the summer months.

Erin Kwiatkowski

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year and Major: Graduated – Undergraduate 1999, Elementary Education, Graduate 2002, Education.

Description: I completed both my undergraduate and graduate degree at California University of Pennsylvania.  I began working at Cal U as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Retention.  I became a permanent staff member in January 2001.  I now work the in the Office of Articulation and Transfer Evaluation as a Transfer Counselor. My favorite thing about working at Cal U is the Herron Recreation & Fitness Center!

Fitness Classes & Description: Enjoy substituting any of the classes Herron Fitness Center offers.

Additional Information: I am married, and I have two sons.  James, age 20, is a Robotics major here at Cal U, and David, age 22, graduated from Cal U in May 2010 with a degree in Communications Disorders.

Michelle Messersmith

Hometown: Chippewa, PA (Beaver County)

Year and Major: Freshman / Pre-Pharmacy

Description:  My name is Michelle Messersmith. I am a freshman Biology major with Chemistry minor. I am from Chippewa Pa, which is about an hour north of Cal U. This is my first semester as a group fitness instructor. I am very excited to finally get to start working at Herron Fitness Center. I also am a certified lifeguard and have worked as a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor for the Beaver County YMCA for the last three years and worked for the Ellwood City Pool in the summers. I spend most of my free time at the gym, which is my biggest hobby.  

Fitness Classes & Description: I will be teaching Abs Class this semester. It is an hour long class that focuses on strengthening of your core.

Why are you a Fitness Instructor?: I am a fitness instructor because fitness is my love. I want to share the amazing feeling of being fit and healthy with everyone else. I love to teach and help others better their own work out experience.

Additional Information: I hope everyone has a great semester and tries as many group fitness classes as they can. We have some amazing instructors and classes are a great way to have fun, meet new people and best of all get in shape! 

Laura Montecalvo

Hometown: Washington, PA

Year and Major: Graduate Student/School Counseling Program

Description: I graduated from California University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2010.  I played basketball for Cal for 2 years before tearing both ACLs.  Getting injured helped propel me into fitness outside of athletics. I love being a group fitness instructor and helping people.  I am in the body building and fitness club and I have participated in numerous figure competitions.  I consider working out to be a priority and something I enjoy at the same time.  

Paula Sabo

Year and Major: earning her Master’s Degree in Education from CUP, Paula also is a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. She is currently working towards certification in Yoga Therapy.

Description: Paula is the owner of a yoga studio, “Yoga, Mind & Body”, located in Brownsville, PA, where she resides with her husband, two children and her cat Luna.

Fitness Classes & Description: Paula Sabo is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  Earning her 200 educational hours through Yogafit, she has completed  a variety of yoga trainings including Yoga for Seniors, Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, Power Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Teaching yoga for nine years, her classes include Hot Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga Nidra and classes for Beginners/Intermediate.

Jaclyn Sauer

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year and Major: I am a senior at Cal U. My major is Special Education/ Elementary Education.

Description: Not only do I instruct spinning at the Herron Fitness Center but during the summer and over Christmas, I work at a Café by my house. I am a barista/ manager at the Café, and I love working there. I also am a nanny over the summer for a family of 5. They are a great group of kids and keep me entertained throughout the summer. In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and friends, running, and reading. I am a big fan of all the Pittsburgh teams and watch them any chance I get.

Fitness Classes & Description: This is my first year instructing spin at Cal U. Spin has really caught my attention in the past year. Being a student in the class really helped me become a healthier person. I thought that it would be a great experience to become an instructor for spin. I know that I made the right decision to join the team of instructors at Cal U because I love teaching the class so much!

Why are you a fitness instructor?: Working out has always been a big part of my life, and I think that teaching a fitness class is a good way to motivate people to make healthier decisions in life. It is fun to meet new people through my class and it is a great feeling to be able to help people feel better about themselves.

Lauren Snyder

Hometown: Parker, Pennsylvania

Year and Major: Sophomore, Communication Disorders

Description: My name is Lauren Snyder and I am a Zumba fitness instructor who also works in the office under Brenda Fetsko. I help with details and planning of all fitness events throughout the year. I recently began teaching and absolutely love it. I enjoy participating in classes at the gym and staying active. I am a CalU cheerleader, very active on campus, and majoring in Communication Disorders.  Come check out one of my classes!

Lauren Turosik

Description: My name is Lauren Turosik and I am a Sophomore at Cal U.  Staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle are two of my top priorities.  I am a group fitness instructor and work as a fitness event coordinator in the Recreational Services Department.  I offer Booty Ballet and I am a certified Zumba instructor.  I have fifteen years of dance training under my belt, and cheer on campus.  If you are looking to have fun while working out – try something new and come party with us!  Getting bathing suit ready does not have to be a chore!