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Off-Campus Housing California, Pa. InfoOff-Campus Housing California, Pa. Info

Off-Campus Housing California, Pa. Info

Message From the Mayor of California

Dear Student:

Let me be one of the first to welcome you to our community and to congratulate you on your decision to attend California University of Pennsylvania. As a Cal U graduate, I can assure you that you have made the right choice.

The officials of California Borough are happy to have you in our community, and hope that you make the most of your stay here. California offers many opportunities for volunteer projects, recreation and community events. Borough offices such as police and code enforcement are also available to assist you.

As you explore California, I welcome you to bring any questions or concerns that you may have about the community to my office located at 225 Third Street, or feel free to give me a call at 724-938-0608. My door is always open.

Casey Durdines
Mayor, California Borough

California Borough Information

California Borough Offices - 225 Third St., California, PA 15419

Borough Office (main phone)


Code Enforcement Office


Police Department (non-emergency ONLY)


A Ready Reference For Students On Selected Borough Ordinances

This information has been prepared to highlight selected ordinances that affect occupants of rented property. It is designed to provide a concise reminder; it is not a complete documentation of the ordinances. A complete list of ordinances is available at the California Borough Code Enforcement Office or on the California Borough website.

Disorderly Conduct/Noise | Parties | Vehicle Boot | Recycling | Open Burning | Snow/Ice Removal | Lawn Parking | Open Containers Ordinance | Dogs | Holiday Break | Notice to Outside Residents

Disorderly Conduct and Noise

The California Borough Police Department enforces laws regulating disorderly conduct and excessive noise. If noise is heard off of the property, it is too loud and must be turned down. Noise disturbances are a serious problem in the Borough and excessive noise is considered to be disorderly conduct and enforced by the Police Dept. Fines are levied for violations. Questions regarding these laws should be directed to the California Police Department at 724-938-3233.


Any tenant who hosts a party in the Borough of California will be responsible for all noise coming from the property. If the police respond to said address and find person(s) drinking that are not of legal age the renter(s) will be cited for the party. All persons who are underage will also be issued a citation and their parents will be notified.

Immobilization (Booting Of A Vehicle)

Whenever there is found any motor vehicle parked upon the street or public grounds of the Borough of California whose owner or owners have received three (3) or more unpaid parking violations or traffic citations shall have said vehicle immobilized at a cost of $200.00 plus tickets and fines. Questions should be directed to the California Police Department at 724-938-3233.


State law mandates that residents of California Borough recycle selected materials: metal and aluminum cans, glass bottles & jars, plastic bottles and jugs, newspapers and glossy inserts (no magazines or telephone books).

Glass, plastic and cans may all be placed in the same container for collection. Newsprint must be bundled or put in a paper bag and placed beside the recycling bin. Newsprint CANNOT be placed in plastic bags or boxes. Failure to follow this required recycling procedure my result in fines. Questions regarding recycling should be directed to the Department of Ordinance Enforcement at 724-938-8786 or County Hauling Corp. at 724-929-7694.

Open Burning

Open burning of refuse, building materials, and similar material is prohibited and tenants so informed. A fire for recreational purposes must be in an approved container and a permit obtained ahead of time from the Police Department by calling 724-938-3233.

Snow and Ice Removal

All snow and ice must be removed from the full width of sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. Any questions should be directed to the Code Enforcement Officer at 724-938-8786, or the California Borough Police Department at 724-938-3233.

Lawn - Seeded Parking

The parking of motor vehicles on lawns, landscaped or grass areas, or outside authorized parking areas is expressly prohibited in all areas (including private property) of the Borough. Questions regarding lawn parking violations should be directed to the Police Department at 724-938-3233.

Open Container Ordinance

Anyone giving the appearance of drinking alcoholic beverages in public is subject to citation and fines of $100 to $300.


All dogs are required to be licensed and on a leash not longer than 6' in length. Dogs found running at large will be picked up by the Animal Control Officer and impounded. Owners of dogs are responsible for removing their dog's feces on all public and private property.

All dogs must be licensed annually and immunized against rabies every 3 years. Dog license applications may be obtained at the Municipal Building or the County Treasurer's Office.

Dog bites should be reported to the Washington County 911 as soon as possible so the proper actions can be taken.

Holiday Break Security

All students living on campus, in town, and Vulcan Village should take precautions to protect valuables over semester breaks. It is recommended that all valuables (computers, televisions, video game systems, MP3 players, etc.) be taken home with you. Be sure to lock all doors and windows in your living space. Additionally, be sure to lock your car at all times, even if stopping somewhere for a short period of time. You should not keep valuable items in plain view in your vehicle.

Notice to Residents Outside of California Borough

While the information above provides useful information, specific ordinances may vary in the municipality in which you reside. Please check with local authorities for specific information.

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