Residency Period and Break Policy

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Residency Period and Break PolicyResidency Period and Break Policy

Residency Period and Break Policy

The residence halls at California University of Pennsylvania are open for occupancy by contracted students only when classes are in session. Students must check out of their rooms when the residence halls close during the academic year, including Thanksgiving, winter, spring and Easter breaks.

During finals week, the last week of the semester, students are required to vacate the residence hall after completing their last exam. Requests for exceptions for students participating in sanctioned University events or for international students must be made to the residence hall director before the break begins. Details and deadlines are included in the break posting published on the website and sent by e-mail to students.  Also, students are notified during floor meetings before each break and are strictly enforced.

There may be a daily charge to anyone granted permission to stay in the residence hall during times it is officially closed.