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End Violence Center - Home of the Green Dot & Victim ServicesEnd Violence Center - Home of the Green Dot & Victim Services

End Violence Center - Home of the Green Dot & Victim Services


Making Cal U Green with End Green Dot at a time. 

The End Violence Center (End V) is charged with addressing sexual, dating/domestic, and stalking violence within our campus community. End V accomplishes this in two main ways:

Prevention Education, Awareness & Trainings/Presentations

Imagine our campus map covered with red dots. Each red dot representing an act of violence – or a choice to tolerate, justify or perpetrate this violence. A red dot is a rape, a hit, or a threat. A red dot is an individual choice to do nothing when faced with a high risk situation. Violence on our campus is the accumulation of individual choice, moments, values, and actions made by all of us. It’s hard to know how many red dots are on our map, but we do know there have been enough to create a culture that sustains unacceptable rates of violence against our community. Violence is not limited to women, but impacts members of our community of both sexes and every race, background, sexual orientation, identity and ability.

Now imagine adding a Green Dot to the middle of all those red dots on our map. A Green Dot is any behavior, choice or action that promotes safety and communicates utter intolerance for violence. A Green Dot is pulling our friend out of a high risk situation or having a conversation with a classmate about how important this issue is. A Green Dot is wearing an End V t-shirt, attending Take Back the Night or choosing to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. It’s checking in with a friend you are worried about, giving a speech on prevention and violence in class, writing a letter to the Cal Times to support victims. A Green Dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our campus safer. Learn more through:  

  • Prevention education programs and events
  • Trainings for staff, faculty, and campus organizations
  • Presentations and guest lectures, tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences
  • Volunteer & visit, End V Center - Home of the Green Dot

Free & Confidential Victim Services

The End Violence Center provides the campus community with a Victim Advocate that is available to students 24/7. The on-call advocate provides crisis intervention and risk assessment, hospital accompaniment, safety planning and emergency accommodations. Advocacy-based services are available for individuals and group sessions. Furthermore, the advocate provides information and accompaniment to the survivor during the medical, investigative, and judicial processes; and facilitates accommodation requests (academic, housing, transportation, work). 

Call 724-938-HELP for emergencies and on-call response.

 Nancy Skobel, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
End V Center Director/Victim Advocate
California University of Pennsylvania
  Natali Student Center, Suite 117
Box #80
California, PA 15419
724-938-5707 |

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More Info

Get Involved - Contact

Think You May be a Victim of Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence or Stalking? - The nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization, RAINN, offers the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.

Anonymous Witness Form

Help keep the Cal U campus and community safe and secure by reporting an anonymous tip to the California University Police Department. If you see or hear of something that could be potentially harmful to an individual or the campus click to report an anonymous tip, or call California University Police at 724-938-4299.

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