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Study abroad and visit Egypt!Study abroad and visit Egypt!

Full Semester Programs

Below is a list of recommended programs. Students are not limited to these choices and are encouraged to work closely with Bessy Bennellick, director of the Office of International Programming, to find the best choice for them.

Programs By Region


Ghana (Accra) 
Study at the University of Ghana and learn about the complex issues facing a developing African nation while enjoying a rich, cultural, historical and social experience. Subject areas include: humanities, science, business, social sciences and African studies. www.usac.unr.edu
Cost: $6,800

Kenya and Tanzania
Meet wildlife managers and examine how land-use practices within Maasai group ranches can be sustainably managed to promote both local economic livelihoods and wildlife conservation in Kenya and Tanzania. Subject areas include: cultural perceptions, conservation issues, wildlife dispersal areas and biodiversity conservation. www.fieldstudies.org
Cost: $18,950

Morocco (Meknes)
Explore the diverse cultures, historic buildings and enchanting piazzas in the vibrant city of Meknes. Subject areas include: history, culture, architecture, arts, comparative religion, politics, and Arabic or French language. Excursions are included and scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $9,950

South Africa (Stellenbosch)
Live and study in South Africa’s oldest city, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. The fee includes a trip to a game reserve. Service learning opportunities and scholarships are available. Subject areas include: African studies, art, economics, geography, geology, history, law, literature, political science and sociology.
Cost: $14,995

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


China (Beijing)
Study on the bustling campus of the University of International Business and Economics in central Beijing. Take six credits of Mandarin plus general education courses in political science, economics, history and business. Scholarships are available.  www.cisabroad.com
Cost: $9,990

China (Shanghai)
Immerse yourself in Chinese culture while learning Mandarin and working with local businesses. Subject areas include: Mandarin and international business. An internship option is available.www.usac.unr.edu
Cost: $7,320

India (Bangalore)
Volunteer in the Bangalore community while studying in India’s most modern city. Subject areas include: Indian culture, business, comparative religion, and film and humanities.www.usac.unr.edu
Cost: $5,180

South Korea (Seoul)
Master Taekwondo or become in expert in Korean cuisine while studying in the picturesque city of Seoul. Subject areas include: international business, international relations, philosophy, art history, political science, history, management and economics.www.usac.unr.edu
Cost: $7,244

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


Explore the natural beauty of Australia while learning about Aboriginal culture, one of the oldest and most mysterious cultures on Earth. This learning opportunity reaches all majors with locations throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast. Scholarships are available. www.Australearn.org
Cost: $12,500-17,000

New Zealand
Enjoy this paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and learn about the local culture and history. All majors are included; trips include many locations throughout New Zealand. Scholarships are available. www.Australearn.org
Cost: $12,500-17,000

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Travel to Buenos Aires to learn about agribusiness and the life of traditional Argentine gauchos. Subject areas include: business; finance; economics; Spanish, French and Portuguese language; hospitality and tourism; agriculture and food science; humanities and social sciences; and art and culture. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $11,500

Chile (Valparaiso)
Discover the pristine beaches and towering mountains of Chile while learning about Latin America’s most prosperous country at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso. Subject areas include history, business, art, science and Spanish language. Four semesters of college-level Spanish courses are required to participate. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $11,000

Costa Rica (Heredia)

Capture the stunning biodiversity, natural beauty and environmental awareness that Costa Rica offers during a study abroad trip to Heredia. Subject areas include: Spanish language, environmental studies and Latin American studies. This trip includes a home-stay.www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $6,890

Peru (Lima)

Study at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola-Lima and visit the nearby rainforests, Andes Mountains and marvels of Peru’s ancient history. Subject areas include: Spanish language (all levels), economics, environmental science, graphic design, history, international business and psychology. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $10,200

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.


Austria (Salzburg)
Visit the mountains, lakes and meadows of the Austrian Alps while studying in Salzburg. Subject areas include: art, music, politics, economics, philosophy, history and German language. No previous German language experience is required. Scholarships are available. www.aifsabroad.com
Cost: $13,295

Czech Republic (Prague)
Explore the historic city of Prague while studying at St. Charles University, a top-ranked institution founded in 1348. Subject areas include: architecture, cinema, economics, history, politics, sociology and Czech language. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $10,500

England (London)
Study at scenic St. Mary’s University College, just outside London. Subject areas include: business, theater, English, history, media studies, philosophy, theology, psychology and sociology. www.smuc.ac.uk
Cost: $9,880

England (London)
Participate in an internship program in bustling London, and travel to Paris, France. Earn six credits for completing the internship, three credits for a contemporary British culture course and three to six credits for additional courses. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $14,495

France (Paris)
Study French language, culture and civilization at the Catholic University of Paris or the Sorbonne, historical home of the former University of Paris. Some courses are taught in English. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $14,000

France (Pau)
Stay with a local family in this traditional French city to gain an intense understanding of the local language and culture. Other subject areas include: history, art history, literature, political science and philosophy. www.usac.unr.edu
Cost: $8,080 

Germany (Munich)
In Munish, see how Old World tradition meets a modern metropolis. Study at the prestigious Ludwig Maximilians Universität München; all majors are available. Two years of German language courses are required.  www.jym.wayne.edu
Cost: $9,700

Ireland (Dublin)
Sightsee during an internship in the Irish city of Dublin, or study at the American College of Dublin. Subject areas include: business, history, psychology, literature and politics. http://www.amcd.ie/study-abroad
Cost: $15,800

Ireland (Galway)
Explore castles and rolling farmland at the National University of Ireland, Galaway. Subject areas include: physics, chemistry, humanities, business, math, social science, history, English, psychology and Celtic civilization. www.nuigalway.ie
Cost: $8,000

Ireland (Limerick)
Study on the west coast of Ireland, with opportunities to visit Dublin and London. Subject areas include: business, science, engineering, geography, history, humanities, Irish studies, literature, music, political science, science and sociology.  www.aifsabroad.com
Cost: $15,995

Italy (Florence)
Enjoy central Italy while taking a contemporary approach to education at Florence University of the Arts. Subject areas include: studio art, fine art, graphic design, art history, humanities, business, psychology, communications and Italian language. Scholarships are available. www.studyabroad-italy.com
Cost: $14,550

Italy (Rome)
Explore the historic city of Rome while studying at John Cabot University, where many courses are offered in English. Subject areas include: English/literature, studio art, humanities, business, social science, liberal arts, psychology and communications. Italian language courses are available. www.johncabot.edu
Cost: $16,150

Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Study at the highly ranked Queen’s University in Belfast, the largest city in Northern Ireland. Subject areas include: English, humanities, management, music, philosophy, history, political science and psychology. www.qub.ac.uk
Cost: $9,780

Russia (St. Petersburg)
Gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing city in Russia at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Subject areas taught in English include: art history, history, literature, political science and sociology. Russian language courses also are available. Trip includes excursions to Moscow and London. Scholarships are available. www.aifsabroad.com
Cost: $11,995

Scotland (Dundee)
Visit the central lowlands of Scotland while studying at the University of Dundee. Subject areas include: art and media art, humanities, life sciences, math, social sciences, history, and languages. www.dundee.ac.uk
Cost: $7,100

Choose from a variety of educational tracks based upon Spanish language ability. Locations include Barcelona, Bilbao, Grenada, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Santander, Seville or Valencia. Scholarships are available. www.studiesabroad.com
Cost: $8,500-12,000

*Prices listed include tuition and housing plus board, if available. Subject to change without notice.



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