Fall Safety Message

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Fall Safety Message

TO: All students, faculty and staff
From: Chief Edward J. McSheffery, California University Police Department 


California University Police received an anonymous witness report Nov. 4, 2014, concerning a man who was acting suspiciously near the Dollar General store in California Borough. This individual was described as a Hispanic male, 29-35 years of age, with black hair and facial hair. He was wearing a black jacket and hat, and driving a red Dodge Charger. According to the report, this man asked one of our students several personal questions and offered to give her a ride.

If anyone has experienced similar behavior by an individual matching this description, please contact California University Police at 724-938-4299 or California Borough Police at 724-938-3233. 

Take Steps to Stay Safe

The California University Police Department would like to share these additional safety tips with Cal U students and employees:


As you know, sundown comes early at this time of year, so you are more likely to be out after dark.  Please travel with friends and be aware of your surroundings. If you must walk alone, plan your route in advance and use well-lighted, well-traveled walkways. Avoid spaces between parked cars, overgrown shrubs, dark passageways and confined areas.

It is best to walk facing traffic. If you feel you are being followed, walk toward other people or occupied buildings; stay away from places where you might be cornered. If you are returning home late, call your roommate and let him or her know you are on your way. If you carry a cell phone, program emergency numbers into your contacts list for quick access, or call 911 if you feel unsafe.

At home

While in your living quarters, keep your doors and first-floor windows locked. Don’t let strangers into your apartment. If you feel uncomfortable, call the police and we will respond.

When entering a residence hall, do not allow people to “piggyback.” Instead, let them show their identification to the desk attendants. If you observe someone acting suspiciously near or inside a residence hall, call the police and we will investigate.

In your car

Do not leave your vehicle running unattended, even to warm up the engine in cold weather. If there are valuables in your car, keep them out of sight. And never offer a ride to someone you don’t know.

Call police

California University Police take the safety and security of our campus community very seriously. We are here 24/7 to help you. If you witness any suspicious activity, or you need assistance, please contact us at 724-938-4299 or 4357 (HELP).

Stay safe,

Chief Edward J. McSheffery