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Security Awareness

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Avoid Being a Victim of a Phishing Scam - Phishing is the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be another trusted user or company in an attempt to steal their credentials (login information.)

Tips to Prevent Identity Theft - Here are some tips for keeping your credit card, account, and identity secure.

Tips to Handle Suspicious Email - Follow these guidelines to help protect yourself when suspicious email shows up in your Inbox.

Tips for Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites - Here are some tips for staying safe on social networking sites.

Beware of Fake Antivirus Scams - Malware posing as antivirus software has been spreading fast in recent months through popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Understanding Patches - Patches are updates that fix a particular problem or vulnerability within a program.


Tips for Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites

Phishing Awareness Poster

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