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UTech Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back regularly as we will be adding more questions and content.


How can I access email when I am not on campus?

Go to and enter your username (for example STU7654 without and your password.  Click OK and you will be sent to your e-mail.

Students also can access their email through VIP.

If you are having trouble accessing OWA please contact the Help Desk at x5911 or 724-938-5911.

How can I change my password if I only use OWA?

Access your email account as instructed in the first FAQ above.  Then complete the following steps"

1.      Click Options in the upper right corner of the screen.

2.      From the Account screen, click on "Change your password" on the right side of the screen.

3.      Enter your existing password, type a new password, and then type it again to confirm it.

4.      Click "Save".

How can I change my password when I am using a campus owned Windows computer?

While logged onto a campus PC (not a Mac), press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard.  Click the Change Password button.  Your username should be in the username field, and the Log On To field should say CALUPA.  Enter your existing password, type a new password, and then type it again to confirm it and click Ok.  If you are using a MAC you will need to log onto a Windows PC in order to change your password.

What version of MS Windows do the campus labs have on them?

Campus PCs operate on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

What version of office do the campus labs have on them?

Campus PCs are all equipped with Microsoft Office 2013.  This includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher.

Campus Macs are equipped with Microsoft Office 2011.

What limits are imposed on my email?

Faculty and staff are allotted 2048 MB and will receive warnings at 2023 MB that their mailbox is approaching the maximum size.  Faculty and Staff are able to send attachments as large as 50MB.

Students are allotted 60 GB. Students are able to send attachments as large as 36 MB.

How can I see how large my email folders are?

While in Microsoft Outlook 2013 on a campus computer, click the Folder List icon at the bottom of the left side.  At the bottom of your folder list, click the Folder Sizes link.  It will show you a list of each folder and their size.

While in Outlook Web Access you can place your mouse over your mailbox name (most likely listed as your name) and it will list your total email mailbox size and limit information.

Should my student workers log in using their own student account when working for me?

No, their supervisor should request that a special account be created for their use by filling out the appropriate form.  The Special Computer Account can be found in Public Folders under Faculty and Staff Forms.

Can I access my N drive when off campus?

Yes!  You can ftp to or navigate out to in an ftp capable web browser like Internet Explorer and when you are prompted for a username and password you will enter calupa\username (i.e. calupa\stu7546) and your Windows email password.  For more info click Guides on the left side of this page.

Do I have the ability to edit a .PDF file?

Yes, the university has a site license for Adobe Professional.  If you do not already have this on your office PC please give the Helpdesk a call at 724-938-5911 and request that Adobe Professional be installed.

Why can’t I attach a Microsoft Access file to my email?

Due to the nature of Access files it is not a good idea to send them through email.  They are a perfect opportunity for viruses and other security threats to be distributed.  As a result campus security settings will not allow you to attach this type of file to your email messages.

The following table identifies the file types that Outlook blocks by default.

File name extension File type
.ade Access Project Extension (Microsoft)
.adp Access Project (Microsoft)
.app Executable Application
.asp Active Server Page
.bas BASIC Source Code
.bat Batch Processing
.cer Internet Security Certificate File
.chm Compiled HTML Help
.cmd DOS CP/M Command File, Command File for Windows NT
.cnt Help file index
.com Command
.cpl Windows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
.crt Certificate File
.csh csh Script
.der DER Encoded X509 Certificate File
.exe Executable File
.fxp FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
.gadget Windows Vista gadget
.hlp Windows Help File
.hpj Project file used to create Windows Help File
.hta Hypertext Application
.inf Information or Setup File
.ins IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
.isp IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
.its Internet Document Set, Internet Translation
.js JavaScript Source Code
.jse JScript Encoded Script File
.ksh UNIX Shell Script
.lnk Windows Shortcut File
.mad Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maf Access (Microsoft)
.mag Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mam Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maq Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mar Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mas Access Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
.mat Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
.mau Media Attachment Unit
.mav Access View Shortcut (Microsoft)
.maw Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
.mda Access Add-in (Microsoft), MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)
.mdb Access Application (Microsoft), MDB Access Database (Microsoft)
.mde Access MDE Database File (Microsoft)
.mdt Access Add-in Data (Microsoft)
.mdw Access Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
.mdz Access Wizard Template (Microsoft)
.msc Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft)
.msh Microsoft Shell
.msh1 Microsoft Shell
.msh2 Microsoft Shell
.mshxml Microsoft Shell
.msh1xml Microsoft Shell
.msh2xml Microsoft Shell
.msi Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
.msp Windows Installer Update
.mst Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
.ops Office Profile Settings File
.osd Application virtualized with Microsoft SoftGrid Sequencer
.pcd Visual Test (Microsoft)
.pif Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
.plg Developer Studio Build Log
.prf Windows System File
.prg Program File
.pst MS Exchange Address Book File, Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
.reg Registration Information/Key for W95/98, Registry Data File
.scf Windows Explorer Command
.scr Windows Screen Saver
.sct Windows Script Component, Foxpro Screen (Microsoft)
.shb Windows Shortcut into a Document
.shs Shell Scrap Object File
.ps1 Windows PowerShell
.ps1xml Windows PowerShell
.ps2 Windows PowerShell
.ps2xml Windows PowerShell
.psc1 Windows PowerShell
.psc2 Windows PowerShell
.tmp Temporary File/Folder
.url Internet Location
.vb VBScript File or Any VisualBasic Source
.vbe VBScript Encoded Script File
.vbp Visual Basic project file
.vbs VBScript Script File, Visual Basic for Applications Script
.vsmacros Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft)
.vsw Visio Workspace File (Microsoft)
.ws Windows Script File
.wsc Windows Script Component
.wsf Windows Script File
.wsh Windows Script Host Settings File
.xnk Exchange Public Folder Shortcut

I have a very large attachment, can I send it via email?

Students are able to send attachments as large as 36 MB.

Faculty / Staff are able to send attachments as large as 50 MB.

Can I filter junk mail with Outlook Web Access?

Yes.  Once logged into OWA, select Options from the upper right corner of the window then See All Options.  Next, select Block or Allow from the options on the left. 

A list of options will show on the right side of the window allowing you to control the way Junk Email is handled.

How much space do I have on my N drive??

Faculty and Staff have 1 GB  of space and students have unlimited.

Can I set up my email at home using an email client such as Apple Entourage or Outlook Express?

The University recommends and supports the use of Outlook Web Access (OWA) to view your email account when not on campus by going to 

You can set up another email client that supports IMAP with the following server information; however the university does not support this configuration on non-University machines.

  • Mail Server or Server is

  • SMTP server is on Port 587 over SSL

  • IMAP server is on Port 993 over SSL

How often does my Windows login password need changed?

Students windows/email/VIP/D2L password expires every 180 days.

Faculty and Staff windows/email/VIP/D2L password expired every 90 days.

Will Microsoft Office 2010 open a file created in an earlier version of office?

Yes, opening the file will not be a problem.

How do I log a support call with the Help Desk?

You can log a support call in 2 different ways.

  1. Call the help desk at (724) 938-5911.

  2. Send an email to

What kind of software can faculty, staff and students install?

Faculty, staff and students do not have permission to install any software on university owned computers.

If you need any software installed please call the Help Desk and submit a request. 

How do I register my Gaming Console on the network?

With the installation of our network authentication system, gaming console's must be registered to gain access to the Internet.

Please use the following link to register your console:

Can Faculty and Staff get software for use on personal computers?

Yes, faculty and staff have access to Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Microsoft Office.  These can be checked out from the University Library.  Microsoft requires that the employee sign an agreement that MS Office will not be used for personal use, only University related business.  For the Windows version of CS6 the employee will need to know if their computer operating system is 32 or 64 bit.

How do I register my personal device on the campus network?

It is very easy to register your computer on the Cal U network. The on screen directions are fairly simple to follow but if you run into issues, below are some guides to assist you.

Windows 7

Windows 8

Will my television work with the campus cable system?

Cable television service is provided for every room in student housing and various academic spaces throughout the campus. Effective October 29, 2014, all channels are provided in a ‘QAM 256’ digital format.

All televisions on campus must contain a QAM 256 digital tuner to receive the channels. Older analog televisions are no longer compatible with the University’s cable TV system. Most televisions today are digital/QAM compliant, however less expensive or budget televisions may not be. To find out if your television has a QAM tuner, please check the specifications in your owner's manual, or visit the manufacturer's website.

Televisions that, depending on model, may be missing the QAM tuner:

  • Apex
  • Dynex
  • Element
  • Haier
  • Seiki
  • Sylvania

If you are choosing one of these brands, please verify that the model has a QAM 256 tuner. Please be advised that less expensive TVs sometimes come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to tune all of the channels.

Is Guest Wireless Access available for Visitors/Guests?

Yes. Simply join the CALUGUEST SSID and launch a web browser. A username/password will be texted and/or emailed to you upon completion of the form.

Contact UTech Help Desk