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Two flags blow in the wind to the right of Old Main.Two flags blow in the wind to the right of Old Main.

Executive Summary

Our Mission Statement influences everything that occurs at California University of Pennsylvania.  Accordingly, the Strategic Plan looks to it for inspiration.

The Strategic Plan develops an approach that helps the University advance its ultimate mission of building the character and the careers of students.

To succeed in this mission, the University will focus its efforts on three ends:

The University’s vision, to be recognized as the best comprehensive public university in America, sets a high goal and the Strategic Plan offers an energetic course of action to achieve this vision.

To be recognized as a premier educational institution, California University will continue to increase academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, maintain a daring and entrepreneurial spirit, and celebrate the integrity, success, and loyalty of its graduates.

As a strategic goal, this mandates that the University support increasingly higher admissions criteria, academic rigor and quality, and scholarly expectations through a wide variety of methods including the recruitment and retention of a distinguished faculty and by ensuring that all eligible programs achieve and maintain national accreditation.

Enhancing the quality of student life is a goal that springs from both the University’s mission statement and from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Strategic Directions document. Students’ experiences include academic, co-curricular and social activities that prepare them for multiple life roles in a context of social responsibility. With this in mind, the University will continue to foster a culture of civility, tolerance, inclusiveness and social responsibility, while celebrating student success as an important aspect of promoting achievement.

Diversity, which the University defines broadly to include not only racial, ethnic and gender but also geographic diversity, continues to be an important aspect of the campus community. Students, faculty and staff will continue to be recruited with the goal of increasing diversity. California University welcomes people with disabilities and provides reasonable accommodations, and it provides culturally diverse experiences to the larger community as well as to the University family.

The University has a commitment to informed decision-making based on reliable data. One of the goals is to continue the development of outcomes assessment and scientific survey capability. This action, combined with the expansion of continuous improvement initiatives, will ensure competitive excellence.

In order to achieve a campus of natural and architectural beauty featuring state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the University will continue to improve its infrastructure. New housing, student-friendly software, more outdoor recreational space, and high-technology learning environments, to name just a few, are important aspects of the infrastructure that will contribute to educational effectiveness and the aesthetics of the campus. The University is guided by its Master Plan, a living document that evolves and grows to meet the needs of the University community.
The goal of serving the region, the Commonwealth, and the nation reflects the mission statement vision of preparing students to meet the ever-changing needs of those entities. The University will continue to enhance economic growth and development in Pennsylvania through various alliances and partnerships, including collaboration with government agencies on all levels.

The University will continue to expand student internships, and to encourage programs to connect in meaningful ways with their appropriate “real world” counterparts to engage in mutually beneficial activities. At the same time, the University will serve the needs of the Commonwealth by offering high-need academic programs, targeting workforce development programs, and retaining its historic mission and exceptional reputation in teacher education.
Last, but certainly not least, is the goal of enhancing the use of existing resources while developing new sources of revenue. Based on the Mission Statement’s challenge to find funding “through an energetic program of resource acquisition and stewardship,” this goal will foster productivity across the University, while aggressively seeking outside funding from a wide variety of donors.

The University will identify new or expanded sources of revenue such as public-private partnerships, grant writing and funding, and implementation of the California Global Online, a web-based program that will generate an additional 2,000 to 4,000 students within the next five years.

The University was very successful in its first capital campaign, raising more than $13 million, and it expects to do even better in its next campaign. Although the University works diligently to raise private funds for a variety of needs, from student scholarships to capital projects, the need for outside dollars continues to increase. A variety of responses to this need are being planned including a culture of philanthropy that fosters the entire University community’s commitment.

The University will seek ways to maximize its resources including responding to the state legislative allocation formula. Implementation of a strategic budget planning process will facilitate the effective and efficient management of resources. In alignment with other strategic goals, budget planning will guide the University toward the meaningful ends of:

1 continual student achievement and success
2 institutional excellence
3 community service