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Strategic Plan - 2005

This plan, Strategic Plan 2005, was formally adopted by the California University of Pennsylvania Council of Trustees at its March 2005 meeting following a year of study by the University Forum and key committees, as well as individual members of the University community. This strategic plan, which sets the University’s course for the next three to five years, represents hundreds of hours of thoughtful discussion and debate by many members of the California University community.

The year 2005—the University’s 153rd year of service—marks an era characterized both by formidable challenges and exciting opportunities. This plan recognizes and confronts the challenges, while proposing the steps needed to seize the greatest opportunities. 

The strategic planning process itself began in June 2004 when the provost developed an initial draft based on the University Mission Statement and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Strategic Plan. A detailed chronology for the process was developed and promulgated to ensure that everyone would be aware of the timeline and would have ample opportunity to participate in this important process.

Various drafts of the document (six in all) were presented to faculty, staff and student convocations, to the Planning and Priorities Committee of the University Forum, and to the Forum itself for formal consideration and approval. The process was transparent and encouraged participation. The final draft approved by the Trustees was identical to that approved by the University Forum.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this critical process. The Strategic Planning Committee played an important role, and they were ably assisted by Provost Donald Thompson and Associate Provost Peg Marcinek. (The names of the members of the Strategic Planning Committee are listed on the right.)

No less important were the many members of the California University community who took the time and effort to carefully read and provide feedback. Their hard work resulted in a document that will help guide the University toward a most promising future.

Angelo Armenti, Jr.


Angelo Armenti, Jr.

Todd Bailey

Adam Balk

Sylvia Barksdale

Matthew Bartko

Scott Bowman

Leonard Colelli

June Dowdy

Allan Golden

Gianna Gresko

Eugene Grilli

Norman Hasbrouck

Richard Helldobler

Jesse Hereda

Sandra Huska

Susan Jasko

Geraldine Jones

Thomas Kinsey

Eileen Kunca

Lindsay Logue

Margaret Marcinek

Robert Mehalik

Thomas Mueller

Rose Reinhart

Michael Slaven

Curtis Smith

Dee Stalvey

Timothy Susick

Donald Thompson