Guidelines for Supervising Internships

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Guidelines for Supervising Internships

The Internship Process:  Step-by-Step

Plan Early for Application Deadlines

  • Internship applications must be submitted on InternLink two weeks before the start of the semester
  • Students must be registered for the internship course the Friday before classes begin
    • Initial Meeting with Faculty Advisor

      • Review departmental requirements and eligibility to intern
      • Review of Faculty Approval Form for Internship
    • InternLink Account

    • Secure Internship

      • Identify internships that are of interest to you and align with career goals
      • Complete application materials based on listing requirements
      • Review application materials prior to submitting to the company or organization on time

Resources for Internship Search

  • The Career & Professional Development Center & Internship Center offer the following services:

  • Internship Search Assistance
  • Resume Review
  • Practice Interviews
  • Talk with your Faculty Advisor about potential Internship opportunities
    • Complete Online Training

      • Required Trainings:
      • Professional Development: Making the Most of your Internship, available at; search for title
      • Safety and Security Training, available at; search for title
      • Work Place Answers, available at
    • Faculty Advisor Finalizing Meeting

      • Finalize details of internship with Faculty Advisor
      • Ask any questions about Internship Application
      • Review Completed Faculty Internship Approval Form
    • Submissions to Internship Center

      • Submit the approved Faculty Internship Approval Form and Complete Internship Application via InternLink
      • Please note that the approval of the internship for academic credit is contingent on the approval of the student’s department and the Dean of the College