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Guidelines for Supervising Internships

The Internship Process:  Step-by-Step

  • Student analyzes skills and career goals.
  • Student and faculty advisor meet to discuss an internship.  The faculty advisor determines the student's eligibility for an internship per department’s criteria (prerequisites completed, department grade point average requirement, etc.).  Options for internship sites are discussed.  NOTE: It is imperative that students who plan to do an internship in the fall and spring semesters enroll in the Internship Intent through the VIP Portal during the prior semester.
  • Students who plan to use financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.  (Students should complete their FAFSA form as early as possible!)
  • Student creates a student profile with the Internship Center by going to the online InternLink system.  By creating this profile, students will have an opportunity to view posted internships, upload resumes so employers can view, visit the electronic resource library, and download the internship application and student agreement. InternLink can also be accessed through the Internship Center web page.  Search, Internship Center, Student Guide to InternLink.
  • Student completes resume and cover letter.  It is very important that the student visits Career Services to have a resume and cover letter review and a mock interview.  Resumes can then be uploaded into the on-line Internlink profile.
  • Student then gathers information and locates an internship site by talking to faculty, Internship Center staff, other students, family and friends about internship possibilities. NOTE:  In some departments, students are placed in an internship by the faculty advisor rather than finding an internship.  When the site is new, faculty advisors are encouraged to do a pre-visit prior to placing an intern.  The faculty advisor e-mails student and employer contact information to the Internship Center at  The purpose is to determine if an internship site agreement is in place with the employer.  If not, the Internship Center will initiate an agreement.
  • Student completes the application and student agreement and completes the application on-line through InternLink.  It is essential that the student have a comprehensive description of "Learning to be Achieved," and "Internship Job Description."
  • Student is then registered for the internship.
  • The student and faculty supervisor finalize arrangements with the internship site.  Student, faculty supervisor, and employer agree on start and end dates, how many hours per week or semester he or she will work, and duties and responsibilities.
  • Faculty supervisor conducts three site contacts (typically at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester), and documents in the InternLink system.
  • Student may register for the Cal U Activities Transcript, an official record of the extracurricular activities, accomplishments, and learning experiences by going to
  • Student completes the internship and all assignments and evaluations as outlined by the department and receives a grade from his/her faculty supervisor.