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2017 PASSHE Virtual Conference

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Free to State System faculty and staff
60 hours of live, interactive hour-long sessions
Six sessions each weekday
All sessions recorded and closed captioned
Delivered directly to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
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Now in its 8th year, Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment: the 2017 Conference provides an opportunity to engage with higher education professionals from around the world—all from the comfort of your office or home. The most recent conference attracted 300 PASSHE faculty and staff over the two weeks that it was held.

The 60 one-hour sessions are all delivered live via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and allow you to interact with the presenters and your fellow participants. Sessions are chosen by selecting the best and most current sessions from other conferences in the past year. We invite the presenters to do their sessions again—virtually. Presenters have been from all over the U.S, plus Nepal, Australia, Canada, and England. And, as always, the conference remains totally free to State System faculty and staff. (We are allowing registrants from outside the System. They will pay a registration fee.)

Some of the upcoming sessions include:

  • The Next Big Challenges and Opportunities in eLearning

  • Interactive, Collaborative and Inexpensive: A New Approach to Classroom Design

  • The Exam Is About to Begin, Please Turn On Your Smartphones
  • Using Augmented Reality in Distance and F2F Education
  • Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership
  • How Undetectable Wearable Technology Will Affect Classrooms
  • Transformative Teaching and Learning in a Culture of Change
  • Beyond the Traditional Classroom: Designing and Exploiting Multipurpose, Dynamic Learning Spaces
  • Student Success in a Mobile Teaching and Learning Environment: Successes and Lessons
  • Creating Engaging and Scalable Online Faculty Presentations

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To register, go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/639GVLH

Over 200 sessions from the previous conferences can be viewed here: http://goo.gl/j69ljC

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