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The Value of a GiftThe Value of a Gift

Why Give Now?

Why give?

  • 93% of Cal U students qualify for financial aid.
  • Cal U students graduate with an average loan debt of $23,000, compared with an average loan debt of $19,000 for graduates of other public universities in Pennsylvania and $15,000 for graduates of public universities nationwide.
  • In 1998, no Cal U undergraduate student had taken out a private loan. By 2008, nearly 900 undergraduates had borrowed from private loan companies.
  • Cal U graduates tend to remain in the region, putting their degrees to work and contributing to the regional economy.
  • Cal U infuses $270 million into the Pennsylvania economy annually and $100 million into the economy of Washington County. Support for Cal U students will help to ensure the vibrancy of the region

Why now?

  • A steep decline in state funding for public higher education, from 63% 26 years ago to 34% today, has prompted tuition increases.
  • Education and training are increasingly important in an ever more complex global economy. At the same time, grant funding for education has experienced a steep decline.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Cal U seniors graduating with student loan debt come from families with a total family income of $50,000 or less.
  • Cal U historically has opened doors for students who otherwise would not have access to higher education.
  • The global economic downturn is increasingly putting higher education out of reach for many high school graduates. With money tight, families are forced to make hard choices.

The Value of a Gift

A single mom of three and a full-time student. An alumnus with more than 30 years of ties to Cal U. A student who relies on scholarship dollars to complete his education. These are just a few of the stories in the circle of philanthropy at Cal U, where those who have gone on to enjoy successful lives after graduating from the University give back, and current students in need of a helping hand to achieve their dreams get that aid while learning first-hand about the tradition of philanthropy.

Watch and listen as donors and recipients discuss why they give and how they're grateful.

The Value of a Gift

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