Vulcan Staff Awards 

Faculty, staff and students may nominate a PennWest California staff member for one of these prestigious awards. Use the links below to see award and nomination details: 

Nominations for the Spring 2022 awards are open through January 21, 2022.

One recipient of each award will be selected by a seven-member Staff Recognition Program Committee led by Eric Guiser, associate vice president for Human Resources.

Award Recipients

Fall 2021:

President's Circle Award: Michael Miles
Other nominees: AJ Best, Paul Burns, Keith Curran, Carrie DeFigio, Lisa Glasser, Nancy Loughman, Walter Messina, Rachel Michaels, John Moore, Maria Papa, Betty Quail, Cynthia Stonick, Jennifer Verscharen, Leonard Zgorliski

Exceptional Service Award: AJ Best
Other nominees:Shauna Balog, John Kallis, Nancy Loughman, Cynthia Stonick, Eric Tarpley

SPRING 2021:

President's Circle Award: Eric Sabo
Other nominees: Ron Lincoski, Heidi Dolobach, Betty Quail, Lynne Berdar

Exceptional Service Award: Ron Lincoski
Other nominees: Betty Quail, Lisa Glasser, Devon Markish, Kristy DeBord

FALL 2020:

President's Circle Award: Rebecca Barnhart
Other nominees: Kimberly Luckasevic

Exceptional Service Award: CJ DeJuliis
Other nominees: Brenda DePaoli, Jon Kallis, Kimberly Luckasevic, Monika Pankratz

SPRING 2020:

President's Circle Award: Karen Amrhein
Other nominees: Barb Engle, Betty Quail, Carrie DeFigio, CJ DeJuliis, Debra Anderson, Heidi Dolobach, Kelly Houston, Larry Sebek, Melissa Dunn, Paul Burns, Peggy McGarry, Randi Minerva, Staci Tedrow, Sue Livingstone.

Exceptional Service Award: Barry Bilitski
Other nominees: Bonnie Kunka, Brenda Depaoli, Dave Rylander, Deb Custer, Emily Ford, Joy Folmar, Kathleen Chanko, Kristy DeBord, Mike Kanalis, Paul Burns, Peggy McGarry, Randi Minerva, Rendie Settles, Sue Livingstone.